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Good SEO V/S Bad SEO

Good SEO V/S Bad SEO

If you are thinking to prosper in the online world then it is next to impossible to thrive without doing SEO but most importantly using the right tactics is the key. As competition is skyrocketing you need to be meticulous about each and everything that you are doing in order to increase your rankings. If you are looking for SEO company in Bhopal to give a boost to your rankings then do visit us  because that time has fled where you can use any techniques to manipulate the details to appear on top of search engine result page but now search engines have become smarter than you and they can effortlessly uncover the atrocious practices that you are following because ultimately you are working for search engines and you cannot grow if you go against their guidelines. 


What is Good SEO?

Following ethical and moral techniques that are framed by search engines is considered as good SEO. Some of the following practices that are considered to be good SEO are

1. Creating high-quality content
One rule that you should always follow before creating any content is that you need to write for users. As your ultimate goal is to drive traffic and only users can do that which is only possible by creating content that they can resist from reading.

 2. Building quality backlinks
Search engines anytime prefer quality over quantity because no matter how many backlinks you have set. If they don’t come in use from high authority sites then it makes no sense. You can’t change the game because there are thousands of sites following the same tactic and they are leading nowhere. So always go for quality rather than quantity.

3. Do not try to fool Search engines:- Most importantly never try to trick search engines as now they can easily catch you and instead of boosting your rankings they can do the opposite and can even penalise for going against them, It is better to have patience and follow the right techniques.

What is Bad SEO

Following SEO practices that are being restricted by Google in order to rank fairly is bad SEO.

Here are some bad SEO practices

1. Stuffing too many keywords
Inserting too many keywords in order to rank higher is known as keyword stuffing and it is considered to be bad SEO practice which you should avoid. A keyword density of 2-3% is always considered as a standard practice.

2. Cloaking
Showing different content to search engine and users by hiding links and texts so that the web crawlers are unable to identify it is known as cloaking. But, now Google has become more strict and can smoothly figure out and lower the rankings.

3. Identical content
Most of the people use copied or spun content on their sites just to for the sake of providing some kind of information to the users which are considered as an unethical practice. It is better to take some time to write quality content rather than copying someone’s else content.

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