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Golf as a Team Building Activity

Golf as a Team Building Activity

If you take a short glimpse at your employees it will probably make you wonder – when was the last time that you actually had fun? You know somewhere in-between of all the meetings, presentations, and boring paperwork? Christmas party feels like it was centuries ago from this point in time, and if you want to raise productivity levels (and some serotonin levels) of your employees – team building is an answer to all your prayers

It is a great way to shake up the office routine, do some healthy team bonding with a healthy dose of competitiveness. It will help you strengthen the bonds between teams, build stronger team spirit and most importantly, have fun in the process. 

Not everyone has the same idea of a fun time but we can all agree that it is not paperwork for sure.So, choose your activity for team bonding wisely. Karaoke night? Bowling? Your employees will probably be afraid to look ridiculous.

So we are proposing something a bit different for high-quality team bonding time. Golf! Now now, before you frown your face let us explain to you better why this is actually a good idea.

Golf is a great corporate team building activity

Golf is not a team activity that will pump up your heart rate, it is more of a relaxing type of hobby. It is also a great stress relief – when your boss is ordering you to hit something, it is a whole different level of bliss.

Jokes aside, golf is very practical. It doesn’t require some special skills and it is perfect for creating cohesion and better communication between team members. Also, the golf course is often located somewhere out of urban areas so you will probably have fun traveling there, excitement will grow and also curiosity- they will all wonder what are you up to.

Not to mention all that greenery, it will instantly take your worries away, it is relaxing and picturesque.

Let the scramble race begin!

For a fun and very educational game on the golf course, we suggest an online game called ‘’Scramble race’’. This is a great team-building exercise and it is great for both large groups and small groups. 

It goes something like this – every team member strikes the ball once and the other team member continues where the previous best strike was. What does this all mean? You will make all your employees work toward one goal, contributing one by one with what they do best. 

You will soon see collaboration, a healthy dose of competition and of course, you will be amazed or surprised with some problem-solving skills making their way to the surface.

Maybe some of your employees will soon discover that they are talented at playing golf and continue improving their skills. Or maybe some of them are playing already and they are ready to share some of their wisdom?

What about the weather conditions?

If you are not yet sure that all the factors will be set perfectly for your team building, there are some ways to enjoy a great golf game without leaving your town. Or worry about the weather conditions that will ruin the entire experience. Many golf worshipers are, for example, simply flocking to indoor golf facilities in NYC.

Why? It is just like the traditional golf game but you will have company gamers even more interested because indoor golf relies on the latest tech. And these types of facilities often have craft beers and lounge so you can all enjoy a creative team-building experience!

In conclusion

If you are still having second thoughts about golf – think again. It is a perfect activity that could be practiced both indoor and outdoor, it combines sport and relaxation and maybe it will become the tradition for your company. It is also a sign of a great taste, maybe you will win your future clients by finding you have a love for golf in common.

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