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Gojek drivers will be rewarded for achieving the milestone

Gojek drivers will be rewarded for achieving the milestone

Gojek procures 10 million trips within just six months in Singapore. It will also introduce honour programmes for the drivers who made this possible by their hard working spirit and completed more than 1,000 trips since November. According to an announcement, a   very famous ride-hailing platform of Indonesia- Gojek successfully finished about ten million trips in just 6 months of operation in the city-state.

Following its successful launch into the market in Singapore, the app has enhanced its offerings to a great extent based on the feedback submitted by its users. Number masking was recently implemented on the platform to improve privacy for both its riders and drive-partners,” Lien Choong Luen, General Manager of Gojek Singapore, said.

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VOIP or Call Over Internet is a call methodology used by both the driver and the rider during a specific time period. Gojek further revealed that the firm will launch a rewards programme called ‘’Driver Milestones” for those who have completed 1,000, 2,500 and 5,000 trips respectively since the service’s launch in November. The ride-hailing platform also delivered its newly-launched Goal Better driver benefits programme by adding a partnership with Singtel that offers mobile data savings to its driver partners. The programme was initially launched in partnership with the Petrol Payer Esso and DBS Bank to provide the drivers with competitive fuel rebates of up to 32.4% in Singapore. 

It was also marked that the drivers served the customers with full responsibility and respect. The increase in the number of rides of Gojek is somewhere indirectly related to the customers also. The customers told that the service of Gojek taxi was awesome and they are fully satisfied with the service that Gojek provided them. They also mentioned in their reviews that the Gojek drivers treat them just like a family member.

The drivers are well-trained before they are hired. They also have to face a different set of tests including drug tests and criminal background check. If they pass all then only they are hired.

The main reason behind the success of Gojek is also its simple working procedure, let’s have a look-

  • One can easily register on the app by providing their necessary details like name, contact number, social media ID or email address
  • After the successful registration procedure, comes the turn of choosing the service and entering the address.
  • Then confirmation of the service must be done by the user.
  • Without taking so much of time  a quick service is offered to the customer
  • In the end, customers can give their feedbacks and reviews depending on their experience. The main important thing about Gojek is that it improves the services according to the requirements of the customers.

By wrapping up the article, we can easily conclude that Gojek has greatly expanded its business by providing great services to its customers and by making the app user-friendly and compatible. Also, Gojek focuses on customer satisfaction and try to provide them with maximum comfortableness. 

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