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Use Magento To Give your eCommerce Business a Head Start

Use Magento To Give your eCommerce Business a Head Start

Isn’t this true that eCommerce is one of the most eye-catching businesses prevailing in the market these days? So, keeping in consideration this growing demand and interest for eCommerce, it becomes equally important that there should be a reliable platform to build eCommerce websites or apps so that it can keep holding the attention of the users. 

Well, talking about the best eCommerce platforms, no one can deny that Magento stands first. Yes! Magento is indeed one of the best eCommerce platforms and this can be proved by looking at this statement provided by 

According to an estimate from 2016, the merchandise volume will go well beyond the $200 billion mark by 2020. Newer data indicates Magento is very much on track to achieve these figures.

Moreover, brands like Samsung, Nike, Ford, Foxconnect, Lenovo, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Nestle, and millions others are using Magento eCommerce CMS.

After going through some facts, now it’s time to jump quickly on some of the highlights that makes us aware of the benefits and advantages of Magento for eCommerce platforms.

Why choose Magento for eCommerce? 

Let’s have a look at these below-given points in order to know the reason for choosing Magento for eCommerce:

Open Source

The major reason behind using Magento as an eCommerce platform by the developers is that it is an open-source platform. So, anyone who is aware of Magento website development can go for it. 

You can get the maximum benefit of adopting Magento as Magento Community Edition is completely free. You are allowed to install or use any version of Magento CE you desire. Being a Magento expert you can do lots of things like you can accelerate the performance of your Magento online store and also promote your eCommerce website with new features and functionalities by developing or installing the Magento modules

At the Magento connect/Marketplace, you can get a huge library of modules. With the help of these modules, you can get benefits as a Magento website developer while harnessing your progress at the same time.

Rich Features

Magento is available with rich and diverse features in comparison to other eCommerce platforms. These features are really helpful for store owners in order to manage the complete business starting from product development until the promotions or marketing. 

So, it could be said that Magento is really beneficial for organizing a whole business with all the required features from the beginning to the end. Apart from that, business owners are allowed to take advantage of the Magento feature freely in order to improve business efficiency and store management. 

High Performance

Talking about the performance in concern to page loading time, query processing time and other dynamic or static operations, Magento is indeed one of the most reliable and the best platform. Magento provides high performance of your website even when you have minimal server resources. 

It has been surveyed that even a delay of a few seconds in the website processing can leave a negative impact on the customers and may lead to a decrease in potential customers. But if you make use of Magento, this is available with modern technology such as Varnish, Memcached, Redis, FPC, and optimized database options. These all features of Magento help to make a product work efficiently. 

It’s User-Friendly

The websites built on Magento are very user-friendly because Magento layout gives easy site navigation and zoom-in capability and product reviews. Your customers may have a great buying experience as the products in the store can be easily displaced. 

Magento Supports Mobile Commerce

You might have seen that these days most people prefer to purchase online and this trend will keep growing with the passage of time. You might have also seen that most of the online purchasing is done through mobiles. So it could be said that mobile is expected to account for the majority of purchases online. And in case if you are looking for mobile app development, then choose Magento.


Magento has been considered as one of the most scalable platforms for developing eCommerce web apps. It is highly beneficial for both small businesses and big enterprises as it is having the right hardware and configuration. 

What is the function of scalability in simple words? 

Let me explain to you. Let’s take an example, if you start getting high traffic on your site and you are required to add more servers in order to manage the change. In that case, Magento is the winner. You can easily add more servers in with it in order to handle the change. But if you are using other servers, these servers may not be able to handle the change and this will lead to loss of customers because of site crashing, slow page load speeds. So, it could be said that Magento is one of the most suitable and scalable platforms that can handle change according to the situation at every stage of growth. 

Integration with Third-Party Services

With the help of Magento, you can easily integrate with any 3rd party extensions, applications, and other plugins which help to optimize your e-commerce store like payment gateways, marketing automation, shipping providers and tag management tools.

Analytics and Reporting

Magento helps in integrating tools like payment gateways, marketing automation, shipping providers and tag management tools. These tools help in tracking your customers online and market to them effectively.

Final words

Well, these were some of the benefits of Magento for eCommerce development. A platform like Magento can help in more ways than you can explore. Hopefully, after going through the blog, you are fully aware of the advantages of Magento. 

Now, if you really found these advantages beneficial then you can hire Magento developers who  can help you to build a good eCommerce mobile application for your business. 

If you really found this information useful, do comment below in the comment box for the satisfaction of other viewers. 

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