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Getting Started with Snapchat: A Guide for Marketers

Getting Started with Snapchat: A Guide for Marketers

 Snapchat is a social media application through which people can send photos, videos as well as chat to one or a group of people. There are several features included in this app which include the following: Friends, Stories, Memories, Filters, Lens and Stickers. Stories include images or videos that an individual can post, and it will stay for 24 hours and their friends can view this. The individuals will get to know whoever watched their stories. Memories include the photos or videos that can be seen in future and can also be shared as a snapchat memory. Filters and Stickers include different effects which can be used in order to embellish the messages

Snapchat has evolved over time and now not only individuals, but the marketers too invest their time in Snapchat. With a rapid increase in its users over time, Snapchat can be an impressive source for gathering more audience. It can help in growing business through paid ads or in increasing followers. In order to build marketing strategy for snapchat marketers need to learn how it works and how can it is helpful for them for attracting and engaging audience. 

Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat involves videos, emojis as well as quirky content thus making it raw. Marketers need to develop outside the box thinking if they want to succeed on snapchat. There is quite less competition on snapchat than other social media platforms. There are certain steps that need to be followed if the marketers of a brand have decided to start their marketing through snapchat. These include: Creating account on snapchat. Educating through exploring and familiarizing with interface and then setting up the brand profile accordingly. 

On Snapchat there is only one difference between personal and a business account. The brands need to pay in order to launch their ads on Snapchat. They can still use the account to create a following and engagement with their audience to determine how well they could connect with 

them if they follow marketing on snapchat. Snapchat is quite user friendly and has a quite large user base based on youngsters. However, for people around or more than 30years are usually connected to Facebook and Instagram more than Snapchat. So, if the target market is youngsters than marketing on Snapchat can be quite advantageous. 


In order to Sign Up for Snapchat a username is required. It should be unique and must be the one that can be used throughout the process for representing the brand. After this the verification of the account will be completed and then the marketer can set up the profile on Snapchat. From the tab of settings friends and Bitmoji for the profile can be added. There is an option to on or off flash. There is option for selfie or regular photo that can be selected through icon 3. In order to view snaps or stories from the people in your account one can check their inbox. In order to take a picture, we just need to press and for making a video we need to press and hold to record it. 


Snapchat calendar can be made in order to know which information has to be shown via snapchat and when. A proper schedule of snapchat posts could be helpful in maintaining a good audience and the people could be looking forward to more posts if the marketers are regular and providing interesting information on snapchat such as any upcoming events, promotions or new launch. 


In order to take advantage from Snapchat the marketers need to tell interesting stories (include interesting stories to grab attention, develop interest so that the followers will tend to follow for your other stories), Involving Influencers on Snapchat (by creating partnership with the people who are already having a huge no. of followers can be helpful for the business as they can share the same stories on their profile to reach more audience), Be Responsive (when people reach out to you via snapchat, reply them. This will be helpful in creating followers) and Be Consistent (there should be consistency in the daily or weekly snaps that you post and in the language that is used). The below information could be helpful for marketers to determine how they want to proceed marketing on snapchat


Snapchat Ads 

Snap Ads are based on a video of 10 second which can help in driving users by having a call to action phrase that is included in the ad such as “follow the link”. So, the ad will be of just 10 seconds, but it may serve the purpose of attracting and gaining followers. 


Like other social media platforms, Pixel tool can be used in Snapchat too. It helps in gathering information about the people who follow your profile/page. With the help of this information it becomes easier for marketers to find out whom they want to target for their brands. 


Geofilters allows making your ads visible to specific audience at location which is chosen by the marketer. There are customized Geofilters for cities, beaches as well as various destinations for tourism. 

Snapchat Publisher 

Snapchat publisher can help in creating a great ad with less experience. There are both quick and advanced options for creating ads. Marketers can choose whichever they find more suitable. 

Snapchat Discover Ads 

Snapchat discover ads are usually for huge companies as they have a high cost. With the help of it the ads are placed at Top of the discover pages of the users and thus they have a far greater chance of being watched.

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