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Getting Locals Interested In Interacting With Social Media

Getting Locals Interested In Interacting With Social Media

I love blogging and I love my readers.  It seems the more I get into it, the more I enjoy interacting with new and interesting people who are interested in similar topics as I am.  I like when someone has something to say in the comments of one of my posts.  I don’t even mind if they’d rather comment via Twitter or Facebook, as long as they are interested enough in my writing that they step out and engage in the conversation.

Yes, that is one of the purposes of blogging, conversation.  Conversation and community.  I have a target audience I am attempting to reach here on Timmy Johnboy and when I hear from readers I know there is some kind of connection being made.

All that being said, one of my goals is to engage more local readers.  Of course I love the rest of y’all.  I find it interesting and gratifying that people from as far as Australia and South Korea have stopped by.  Even those across the states have added much to the community here.  Oh, and yes there are even those of you who have been my friends since before Timmy John Boy, whether you be from college or elsewhere you are all loved.  Just one of my goals is to reach locals, too.

I asked an expert in the area of social media and online engagement (Chris Brogan) in a recent Twitter chat how I can better reach a local audience and he had good advice.  He said to go from offline to online or physical to digital.  To tell the truth, I forget exactly how he said it, but the gist was to start with fliers and business cards, etc. directing towards the online interaction.  Data entry services is a specialized provider of social media research services. accounting data entry services are designed to improve your business intelligence and enhance your online presence. That’s some good advice if you ask me. 

Is this something I have achieved quite yet?  Not really but I will begin soon to act on what I’ve been taught.  It does bring something interesting to mind though.  This age is funny because reaching people right now can be tricky.  We have the digital age and all of the improvements of the Internet and web 2.0 and social media but if you think every single person on earth is caught up to today’s technology you’ve got your head screwed on wrong.  That was mean.  I’m sorry.

My point is that in communicating, marketing and even ministry outreach, we are challenged to meet people where they are.  It seems there are categories of people in my life that prefer being communicated with in different ways.  For instance, some prefer email, some a phone call, some face to face, and still some prefer Facebook or even Twitter.  The same goes with business communication and even advertising.  Are you looking for a job?  You now have to research how the company doing the hiring prefers to communicate.  You almost need to master a plethora of communication mediums.

The topic even recently came up when Facebook came out with yet another announcement.  They’re cooking up another messaging system.  They say that young people want something quicker than email to communicate with.  Quicker than email?  I’m not sure what to think about it other than this world will never stop morphing until it comes to an end.

What should we do then?  Become masters of communicating on many levels with many mediums.  If you need an advertising agency, you’ll need one versed in the art of mixed media.  Or you can do what I’m planning on doing and do some guerrilla marketing of your own.

More about my plans?

I am learning as I am going but a few things I am pondering attempting are:

  • Finding (or writing more) pillar articles that would make good tip sheets that I can post around as fliers (or even swag such as T’s or mousepads, but they cost $).
  • Developing relationships with some local business people. There’s a computer guy or two in the area that I am getting to know better and I am finding ways that we can help each other.  I’ll see where else I can reach out in the local business community.
  • Developing relationships with local people in general. As people I know realize that I even have a blog (and come to terms with what a blog is) and they come to me for tech-related issues, I develop a sort of local “authority” in my niche.  Along the same lines, I’ve considered hosting some free blogging or computer classes in the local library.
  • Entering the local media scene. I’m still working on my strategy here.  I’m pondering attempting to get an article or two published in local papers to get the word out about my blog.

All of this to become a local authority and a “turn to” guy.  We’ll see how it goes.  Anyone with any tips could be of help to me Share in the comments!

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