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Is Flutter The Future Of Android Application Development?

Is Flutter The Future Of Android Application Development?

The existence of 2.7 million apps in Google play store and 1.84 million apps in Apple’s application store proves that mobile application development has become a crucial need for all size businesses of all fields.

Gone are the days when only organizations with a strong budget chose to build both websites and mobile apps for their businesses. But in today’s scenario where the market is changing very rapidly and the competition is increasing day by day, mobile application development has become a necessity for all level enterprises and startups to survive in the market.

When startups and enterprises plan to launch a mobile application, they have two primary options for mobile app development  – native and cross-platform apps. Due to the lack of budget and funding to develop a native android and ios app, startups often choose to go for cross-platform applications.

Here comes the confusion for them – which cross-platform application development framework should be chosen to fulfill the purpose due to the availability of a number of options today for developing mobile applications.  The one among them that grabs the highest attention is ‘Flutter’. Organizations are observed to hire Flutter developers more often these days when they plan to launch their mobile application. This is because the framework has a lot of powerful features to offer that contributes towards the development of unique, fast and cost-effective mobile applications.

Now, let’s go deep to understand what is Flutter and why it is the best choice for building mobile applications.

Flutter – The Introduction

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit used to develop scalable, robust and high performing mobile applications for multiple platforms using a single codebase. It is launched by Google. This framework is used to build applications for platforms such as Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. 

Flutter offers wide community support worldwide and tutorial guides that enable mobile app developers with any level of experience to learn and get started with this platform very easily.

Flutter has become the second most leading framework, followed by React Native for building cross-platform mobile applications till date. Some of the leading enterprises that have chosen this framework to make their beautiful apps are Google, eBay, EMAAR, Alibaba group, Tencent, etc.

Although other mobile app projects are adopting this framework at a slow pace, it has become a highly adopting technology for an Android Application Development Company. Flutter is increasingly gaining popularity among Android Application Developers these days.

Native android survives in the market for a long period of time now. It is very stable and gives excellent performance over various sizes of android devices but it comes as a result of a large amount of boilerplate code which limits the creativity of developers. The biggest advantage that Flutter gives over native android is the cross-platform support that enables developers to use the same codebase across multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Desktop, Web, etc. 

Flutter being capable of building native apps across various platforms with the same codebase combines the benefit of native development inside the space of cross-platform app. This framework works as an excellent tool to edit the advanced features and capabilities of android and iOS within an existent app. Hence, Flutter serves as the best platform to make existing android application better. Therefore, there is no harm in saying that Flutter holds a bright future in the world of Android Application Development.

Key Features of Flutter

Flutter is composed of a lot of unique features that make it a perfect fit not just for android applications but for the overall mobile application development.

The key features the same are as under 

Hot Reload

The hot reload feature of Flutter enables developers to see the application changes instantly whenever they make any changes to the code. Developers need not wait for a long time to see the effects of code changes in the application. This feature incorporates the faster development of the application to a great extent.


Flutter development is completely open-source and free. Being open-source, it can easily be adopted by start-up level organizations for the development of mobile applications.


A very good and detailed documentation is available for Android Developers for helping them to apply their existing android knowledge in Flutter application development. 


The library of this framework is filled with a large number of widgets. Developers can customize these widgets according to client requirements. This way, these widgets play an important role in reducing the overall development time of the application.

The Dart Language

It is based on Dart programming language which is new but relatively easy to learn. The syntax of Dart is neat and strong enough to promote strong application architecture and design. Using Dart, both frontend and backend can be managed in a single codebase. 

Cross-Platform Development

The use of this framework makes the single code usable by both android and iOS app development hence dropping the need for having multiple frameworks for multiple platforms. Flutter contributes almost zero compatibility issues across multiple platforms. Hence, the developers do not need to waste much time in debugging compatibility issues while working on multi-platform mobile application development. 

Precise Picture of the End Product

Android and iOS are the two leading smartphone operating systems and any mobile app developed using this framework looks native to both of them. Hence, for businesses aiming to create MVP versions of their apps, it is determined to be an ideal tool.

Less Testing Load

It enables the development of two different native apps within one framework. This reduces the overall testing time and effort to a great extent. It reduces a lot of QA workload by facilitating automatic tests to be written only once for the application.

In and all we can say that Flutter offers mobile application development which is easy, fast, cost-effective and requires less effort. It is filled with everything that a future-ready app project can think of. Due to the ever-growing community and continuous development support from Google, Flutter is expected to set the standards of cross-platform and Android Mobile App Development high in the near future!

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