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Fundamental Principles Of Web Designing

Fundamental Principles Of Web Designing

Have you had half an eye on 2020 web design trends, then definitely familiar with 2020 website trends fashions like dark night mode with colorful popup,  three-dimensional website, softly shadowed imagery to create the dramatic feel etc.

But the real aesthetic of the website is decided by the user and visiter. So you have to follow if you want to make an engaging website –

Here are the main principle of website, that a website designer

Know Your User and Their Needs

To design a successful website, must understand the taste of the user. If the website is user friendly this means the website is best. Because if you’re not designing a website site for the user than for whom the website is designed? So for successful website design, user taste is very necessary. And for that website must deliver enough visual interest that can easily hold the attention of the user’s.

Let Content Reign Supreme

The experienced web professional suggests before jumping into the visual design step, must craft the narrative of a product or a brand. As we know the content is supreme so don’t underestimate the power of storytelling. Because content is the best way to emotionally connect with the user.

Balance Consistency and Discoverability

For web designing consistency is the necessary principle that must be followed especially for enterprise systems. But usually it’s common that both consistency and discoverability has conflict. Let’s take an exemple ,sometimes we want a search bar at the same place everywhere but sometimes that search bar seems less than appropriate.”

Use Animation

To get Interactive website user experience, give your website animation touch. It makes your website livable and the well animated website deliver the proper info about the service that you’re going to deliver to your customers.

Prioritize the Accessibility

When designing the website to keep accessibility in mind, it sounds ethically and makes the website responsive. The website that’s not built with accessibility, they might lose their 25% of your potential users, that will somehow affect their business and the reputation of the business may get damaged.

Exercise Progressive Disclosure

The website must be informative and user friendly, so that the visitor can easily find the information on the site.  Make sure the technical details and advanced features of the website are unveiled. Unnecessary stuff removes the website from their user favorable list so always added only appropriate things on the site.

Establish Trust and Credibility

Establishing trust and credibility is the main factor of the ecommerce, and marketing website. So always follow this principle while making the website, because it is your responsibility to show the real product and service to their customers, if you want your user must stick with your service and product in future. 

Tree-test your prototypes

Whenever you are working with clients, Codal relies on tree-types exercises for checking the performance of site’s architecture such as navigational paths intuitively, and do they lead users where they expect to go immediately without any confusion in mind? If you are looking for something obscure like Himalayan sea salt on an eCommerce website, do you find out without any confusion? Well, tree testing, or tree jacking can assist you to answer such questions.

Mobile Friendly

If you want users to return back to your site and love to shop more products or book the service, then you must have to follow these website designing principles.

All these above mentioned mobile tips must be considered if you want productive web service, you can also consult professional top web developers, who have experience to work on latest technologies.

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