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What is the Front of House Staff? Duties and Job Description

What is the Front of House Staff? Duties and Job Description

Front of The House Staff

Front of the House staff is basically the part of a Restaurant / Bar / Hotel staff that interacts with the clients directly or comes into contact with the clients during the duties and may need to interact. These are normally important positions for work because they create the impression of the restaurant on the clients through the attitude of the people that are in the positions. 

Front of the House Staff hire can be hired directly by the restaurant and hotel, or it can be hired through a provider. There are companies that provide restaurants temporary or long-term front or the house staff, facility management, security, etc. in case the restaurant does not want to bear the cost of hiring their own help. 

Duties of Front of the House staff

Front of the House Staff works on different duties and basically handle all the operations in the front of the restaurants that have nothing to do with cooking, this staff basically manages the full restaurant and creates a safe and working environment for the clients to feel relaxed in and to have someone to communicate with.

Creating an Impression

The main duty of some of the staff members is to make a good impression on the incoming clients. The main members of the front house staff are in direct contact and communicate the most, they need to establish an approachable and friendly behaviour with the clients so that the client can feel at ease and provide good feedback.

Serving foods

The Main duty of the front staff is to serve the food to the clients, they take the order, write it down, make sure to note the preferences and they also need to understand the ins and outs of the menu. They take detailed orders and take it to the chefs, then they bring the food. 

Providing options

The staff’s duty is to facilitate the clients and make their stay a pleasant one, which means they should know their options, if they are in an hotel, it should be the options for the rooms available and if it is in the restaurant, the options of tables and foods according to the clients need are what the client needs to be informed of. 

Managing tables

Managing the tables is also extremely important in the restaurant business, you cannot overbook a table and you also need to have the understanding of what tables are reserved by clients and which can accommodate the walk-in customers. The importance of managing tables is high, but there is also the importance of knowing how to manage different tables in different types of sitting environments. 

Solving Problems 

If the client has an issue with some aspect of the food, drink or accommodations, the front staff needs to know how to handle the situation and take control. Each individual of Front house staff needs to have exceptional management skills, a quick wit and problem solving skills.

Customer Service 

If customers have any types, you need a person on hand to manage the issue. With accommodations and Restaurants, the customer service for the in-house guests need to be face to face and fast. 


The Hostesses job revolves around the first interaction, they present the clients with their table and with the menu. This is the Direct job but other than this, the Hostess has many other tasks, she needs to maintain the menus, they also need to update the dish of the day if there is a diner style board inside the restaurant then it is the Hostesses job to update the menu. 


Waiters and Waitresses have a very hands-on job, they come to the table and take the order from the clients, they also write any details and preferences to make sure that things get served the way that the client wants. Waiters and Waitresses need to remember the menu, they also need to know the drink menu with the alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. They should also be up to date on the day’s dish. This job requires the workers to also know the allergens in all the food on the menu, from gluten, dairy and nuts to fish and other spices. 


Busser or Bus Boy is the job that basically makes sure that the tables are ready to serve the new clients in record time. They start to clear the tables as the client’s finish and then after the clients leave, they will replace the cloth with a clean one and place new items for use on the table so that the next client can be served. 

Minibar Attendant 

Minibar attendants are hotel front staff members and they keep inventory of the hotel minibar and fridge, making sure that it is stacked and keeping a check on the amount of the food that needs to be restocked to make sure to add it to the bill. 


Bartenders not only make drinks, they also have to interact with the clients directly and the biggest thing is to be professional and polite. The setting always matters, a hotel bar would feature bartenders that are quite and respond when called for, while normal bars have tenders that basically provide free therapy to drunks. However, the tenders job is also to keep an eye out on the clients and see if everything is clean, the drinks served are not messed with and when someone has had enough and needs a cab home. 

Bar Back

Bar backs are the backup for the bartenders and they basically provide the bartender with what they need to make drinks and they help keep the area clean while holding off the waiting clients. They make time for the bartenders to make drinks and then clean up after so that the next round can be made and served without a hassle. 

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