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8 Free Ways to Market & Promote Your Art Online

8 Free Ways to Market & Promote Your Art Online

After letting your ideas flow to create the perfect harmony of colors with efficient strokes, the only thing an artist wishes to enjoy is a bunch of people who appreciate their efforts. Art, for sure, is a piece of expression that every artist produces to enlighten their thoughts, though to make a living out of it is something that most of them fail to achieve. You can perceive artists as the loudest creatures to speak their minds out through various creations, but contrary to this idea, they are usually hesitant to promote their art among a large number of people. 

Promoting your art is not just making money out of it. It includes creating a connection with a large number of people who associate or appreciate your art. As soon as you start making connections, your art will automatically shift gears to accelerate and reach out to a wider audience. Connections might direct them to support, buy, or even commission artworks to you. 

Promoting art can be an easy task, but what even is an artist who does not feel unsure of its own creation, right? Though it is your first step towards the expansion of expressions. So, instead of waiting for your stars to align and let people appear on your doorstep magically to appreciate your art, try and take a few essential steps. Here are eight free ways to market and promote your art online, that might be all you need to reach out to expand your illustrations.


A social networking site based on sharing pictures and videos should be your first platform to reach out to a greater audience. Instagram is one of the top-most networking platforms crowded with art lovers and creators who put out all their artistic creations for their followers to consume. The picture sharing site offers various interactive and fun features that simplify the whole process of promoting your art. You can easily use several features such as hashtags, and stories to creatively increase the reach of your content while making a connection with the audience at the same time. 

2. Facebook

Facebook owns the title of being the largest social media platform, and this very fact can help you to promote your art successfully. Creating regular posts about your art, joining art groups, inviting people to your posts can largely affect the whole promotional ordeal. From sharing it with friends and acquaintances to making it reach an even bigger audience, Facebook engagements highly benefit an artist to promote their art, which is why you must consider making a Facebook page for spreading your artwork. 

3. Blogging

Fortunately, this digital medium of expressing yourself also offers you a chance to promote the traditional mode of expression, which is your artwork. Blogging is a sure shot method to attract the audience to learn more and more about your art. You can use the blog as your personal art diary to jot down your thoughts about your artwork, the story behind its inspiration, or solely what the hidden meaning you are trying to project through your work. 

4. Participation in online forums

What is the use of creating a blog or art page if you cannot drive the relevant traffic to it? After choosing the platform to promote your artwork, you must put efforts to drive traffic to it too, which is nearly impossible without interactions. Active participation in an online art-related forum or group can be your key to draw the audience to your art page. Interact with people and try to answer the questions they are seeking on the forums. Your expertise might fascinate a user or more to visit your page and follow you. 

5. Twitter

A highly underrated platform among artists, twitter serves as a hidden gem for people who know how to make use of it smartly. Twitter can be a big marketing platform to drive traffic while interacting with fellow art creators and lovers from all over the world. Use the platform to directly share art or to invite them to your blog or website. You can also try gathering the audience by giveaways or art-related challenges.

6. Pinterest

Similar to the concept of being based on pictures like Instagram, Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows users to find millions of pictures. The pin or re-pin option on Pinterest lets you share your picture for others to see or share with other people. This site enables the chances of your artwork to go viral, so you can also upload pictures of your art or its work in process on Pinterest.

7. Guest posts on blogs

Try and contribute as a guest author to a large art page or blog. As a prominent blog that has a large readership, contributing to such a page might grant you a few readers on your personal blogs too. Make sure your blog post is engaging and informative enough to attract the audience.

8. Youtube

The steadily growing community of Youtube can also benefit you to promote your art if you understand its complexities smartly. Posting work in progress videos or small tutorials can grab a large amount of attention if your content is good enough. You never know how big your channel might grow and enable an income from this new source too, which equally allows you to express yourself.

The question of how to sell paintings should no longer bother you after equipping these eight ways in your promotional plans. Put out the best content and choose the right methods of promotion. You will notice how steadily your page blooms after all the hard work you will put into it. So pick up your brush and start creating your next masterpiece now!

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