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Most Useful Free Android Apps in our Daily Life

Most Useful Free Android Apps in our Daily Life

In the 21st century, we are witnessing of the evolution of technology, mainly the increase in mobile technology. Android apps have helped to create better and simple of our daily life and upgrading our daily lifestyle. There are several best free android apps that help us to gain knowledge in information, education, business, communication, etc. Our daily life depends on various apps and those apps make our daily work easy and comfy.

We can get million android apps in the Google play store or mobile app store, but many people facing various problems that which apps are better, which apps work fast, which apps perform really well, which app is easy to downloading. To clear those confusions, here we discuss some most useful android apps in our daily life.  

Most useful free Android Apps in our daily life:


Airdroid is a useful and popular Android app and it is mainly transferring app. With the help of this app, you can transfer any files from your phone to computer or computer to phone and it can be done wirelessly. You can send SMS on your phone from a web browser with the help of Android. It organizes music, messages, photos, and call logs and you can install many apps from your computer onto your Android device, it also helps to save many from your phone on your computer. Airdroid helps you to use your smart phones’ camera remotely.

Google Assistance:

Google assistance is created by our favorite Google and it is personal assistance. It allows the users to communicate and navigate and users can use this app on android device and ios device. You can get many questions to answer from Google assistance like knowing information about nearest restaurants, making plans, asking basic questions, play games, etc. The best feature of Google assistance is an AI personal assistance, it can answer all questions that you ask, and it is super helpful over 30 voice commands, it can runs smoothly on many devices.


To transfer files, documents, pictures, movies, videos, you do not need USB data cable around your device.  You can easily transfer or exchange many files with your friend very firstly. Some important feature of it is a cross-platform transferring system. You don’t need the USB cable to use it, xender helps you to transfer big files at higher speed and it is a free app, you don’t need money to use it.


You don’t need any introduction to this messenger app. Most of the mobile device users’ use of WhatsApp messengers. Through this app, you can easily transfer videos, music, documents, pictures, etc than any other messengers’ apps from long distance, from one country to another country. You can do free chats, free voice calls, video calls from anywhere in the world through the internet service and installing this app is totally free. The privacy and security systems of WhatsApp are very strong.


The installing of Viber app is totally free; you can make free voice calls, video calls, text messages, and voice messages, send pictures, videos, etc. it is worldwide popular messengers apps and many businessmen using this app for their better work.


Instagram is the best social media and photo sharing site. Here you can filter your photo beautifully and you can share your photos, videos with your friends. In instagram, you can follow many people or you can get many followers. Here you can comment others posts or your followers can able to comment on your sharing post.


If you don’t have any television, then Hotstar can entertain you. Here you can get many series, movies, serials, sports, comedies, award shows, etc in various languages. This is the best app for your entertainment and the monthly subscription of this app is very low.


YouTube is a very popular online video player app. Millions of people use this app over the world and the important thing of this app is YouTubers can earn money sharing their videos. Here you can get various movies in optional and when you search for any movies’ name then you can get various optional sites, and there you can choose your favorite movies with high picture quality.  

These are the most useful android apps in our daily life that we can use in our Smartphone and you can feel better experience by using those apps in your android device.

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