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Four Things That Make Spray Foam Insulation Great

Four Things That Make Spray Foam Insulation Great

If you need to insulate a roof on your own, there are a couple of techniques that are difficult, inconvenient, and overall boring. These include insulation batts, rolls, and boards. Not only that, but these insulators will fail if you do not know how to install them properly. The one insulator that stands out from the rest, however, is spray polyurethane foam (SPF).

With the best spray foam equipment for sale, you can easily spray on insulation from inside a can. This is the newest technique for DIY insulation and one that is quickly catching on among home improvement experts. Here are 4 reasons to choose SPF insulation over others.

SPF Is Easy to Install

Spray foam is simply far easier to apply than other types of insulation. Of course, there is still some preparation time required to get the foam ready, but it should be suitable for anyone with the patience to apply with success.

No matter how large or what kind of shape your roof is, you won’t have to worry about excess foam or fitting your insulation in the right ways either. You simply spray as much as you need over your underneath your roof. SPF works with many types of roofing materials, such as wood, asphalt, tile, and metal.

SPF Is Easy to Maintain

After you apply SPF onto your roof, it requires little maintenance over time. At the most, a roof with SPF can last for 50 years or more. There is always a chance that you might find the foam starting to fail over time, but unlike other insulation types, you won’t have to replace rolls or batts of foam; simply apply a new coat of foam older to the existing foam and you are good to go. With a foam-insulated roof, you should inspect it once every spring and autumn at the very least.

SPF Is Energy Efficient

Because of the nature of foam, SPF can insulate better than insulation rolls and batts can. SPF foam works as a tight barrier to keep away warm or cold air and moisture, so it gives outside air and moisture no room to enter. As a result, SPF can save you money on heating and cooling expenses, as you’ll rely on your air conditioner and furnace less frequently.

SPF Fits Through Cracks and Openings

Just like sealable caulk, SPF is capable of filling cracks, seams, holes, and other possible openings in your roof or its foundation. Depending on outside temperatures, this foam can contract and expand, which further protects all vulnerable areas. This is great on account that SPF can make these areas no longer vulnerable so that there is no risk of water getting inside the home.

For this reason, this also makes SPF a great waterproof material, as well. So, if you happen to get a lot of rain where you live, you won’t need to worry about rain water or moisture causing this foam to dissolve.

With all of this in mind, SPF is an easy and effective insulation material that is great for any homeowner or roofer to use. But of course, SPF is by no means a perfect roofing material, so here are other things to consider when using it for your roof.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using SPF

Firstly, the user of SPF needs to have a thorough understanding of what SPF is made of and how it must be handled. While applying SPF is easy, the user needs to do a very careful job in order to apply it to the roof correctly. In fact, any contractor needs to be certified by the Spray Foam Polyurethane Alliance (SPFA) in order to use SPF on other people’s roofs. An improper installation of SPF could actually shorten the life of the roof, so it certainly is a material that can come with risk.

Secondly, you should only apply SPF on a roof at a time in which the roof is dry. During or after rainfall or snow are inopportune times to apply SPF because the foam cannot cling to a surface when it is wet. Therefore, you should wait for a time in which it has not rained or snowed for a couple of days for the foam to be most effective when applying.

Finally, if you are applying SPF from outside, take the wind into account as well. Be sure to not overspray, or apply too much foam, or else the wind can blow it off and it can fall on your neighbor’s property.

SPF is a great roofing insulator with many benefits, but you should only consider using it if you are very careful with it. It’s a very effective material than can be also very harmful if used in the wrong ways.

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