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Fixing Common Errors in your WordPress Site

Fixing Common Errors in your WordPress Site

Ignoring specific issues on your site can negatively and permanently affect the ranking of your website on Google Search. This is the last thing you will want to see on your site. Although being a commonly ignored matter, there are essential steps you need to take to fix this overlooked aspect of SEO:

301 and 302 redirects

Many individuals are unable to differentiate between a 301 and 302 redirect, and they usually think it is the same thing. What they don’t know, wordpress 301 redirect can distinguish between the two and manage them differently. The critical difference that arises between the two is that a 301 redirect shows that a particular page has been removed permanently. A 302 redirect indicates that a page has temporarily been removed. It is essential to select the correct type of redirect for your situation. Otherwise, web crawlers such as Google and Bing can get confused, which can lead to low rankings and a decrease in site traffic.

How to solve this:

1. Check every URL of your website

2. Recognize all the 302 redirects you are utilizing for permanently removed pages and modify them to 301 redirects.  

3. Do not redirect each page from your previous site to the landing page. Ensure you redirect last pages to your specific page on the new website.

4. Underestimate the list of the redirects. This generally helps to ensure a higher page speed.

2. Duplicate content

Recent studies have revealed that close to 30 % of websites pages have duplicate data. This is one of the severe issues that a site can face as long as it has duplicate content. Duplicate content will affect your rankings on the internet, and if spiders detect duplicate content in your website, you will be penalized heavily.

How to fix it?

There is no doubt that you can fight duplicate content problems if you know how to do it. You can begin by checking for plagiarism before posting the content on your website. Then, you can create authorized links to page source for Google to know which page needs to be archived.


Sitemaps are crucial information related to your site that the search engine utilizes to analyze the way your website and business conducts its online operations. Errors in sitemaps send inappropriate data to the search engine. This is the final thing you would want to happen since you will be penalized for this.

How to fix

You must build sitemaps from a reliable plugin, review them, and then re-examine them to detect and inevitably fix the errors sent in the sitemaps. Google has given out a full record of the data identified with the Sitemaps. It directs you through the tutorial for creating and submitting sitemaps. You’ll also learn how to monitor them using the Sitemaps report found in the Search Console.

Final verdict

It is essential to consider the above points before launching your website. Overlooking them will not only affect your site; you will end up being penalized. Technical SEO is not as hard as we think. If you learn how to strategize ahead and better, then you can effectively perform many tasks, you require to increase your SERP rankings and traffic.

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