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Five Careers That Do Not Require a College Degree

Five Careers That Do Not Require a College Degree

Getting s professional career on the basis of degrees and diploma is not a very sustainable option for modern generation. Higher education through the regular mode is costly and also needs a long time to get finished. The chance of getting a well paid job is becoming unsure as there is too much crowd in every known and popular profession. Getting paid and having a career is the dream of everyone, so it should be the first priority to choose a career which can take you to the higher level of earning and not need a huge investment of time and money. Also, if you want to have a work from home job while travelling the world we had discussed high paying digital marketing jobs on our blog.

So we will be discussing a few such career options which can open a new horizon before you. If you are not yet decided about which career should fit you and which will be the perfect way to earn your livelihood without investing too much. 

  1. Welding: 

We would like to begin the list with the uncommon profession of welding. The job needs to fuse different metals in high temperature. The fused moulded metal is used to form a final product which is shaped as per the client’s need. 

Educational requirement is not a very important aspect of this job. However, a high school diploma will help the trainee to get the training of welding. So basically any undergraduate degree from technical school will get the welder a good job. There are various welding processes like soldering, arc welding, brazing, bronzing and casting. It is better if the institute gets trainee some hands on experience of oxyacetylene welding, shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding or gas metal arc welding. You can start welding at your own by choosing basic welding gears such as one  good choice of  welding helmet, welder and other tools.

A good welding person should have good motor skill, like hand and eye coordination. The job requires good observation power and manual promptness. The general requirement for a welder is physical strength and proper skill to perform the welding job.  When finished the course, you can become welding instructor, fabricator or sales representative. Also you can become a supervisor, welding engineer or foreman. The industries that welcome welders are various, like aerospace, motor vehicles, construction, steel and many.

2. Paralegal

It would have sounded crazy if someone told you a decade ago than you can get into legal field without taking the formal college education. But scenario has changed nowadays. The paralegal aid is needed by the attorneys to draft motions, summarize the reports of legal precedent and so on. In various other ways, the load of work is lessened by the paralegal helps.

There are certain classifications for paralegal trainings, like criminal, corporate, family or immigration. They are usually called legal assistants, and their work territory is decided by the attorney they are working with. Some prefer the assistants to take over the charge while other prefers to take the mere clerical help.

There are various openings offered for paralegals. The most common openings come from law firms, legal departments, and government agencies and so on. They are needed by the attorneys to go through the details of the cases and get every paper and documentation arranged for the procedure.

3. Power distributor

The job of a power distributor and dispatcher is to control the electricity flow. They are also known as system operators and they take care of the flow as it channelizes from the generator station to the users via substations.  The machineries like current converters, voltage transformers and circuit breakers are looked after by the power distributors. The network transmission lines and distributaries are always works perfectly thanks to these professionals.

The problems faced by the network connections are dealt by them.  A high school diploma is needed to get the course for this training and certification. But the job is a risky one as electricity handling is not a simple job. So you need years of on-site training and first-hand experience for this profession. This is a job of responsibility as the flow of electricity is required in many severely important locations. So if the flow is hampered it may create a big trouble. Thus power grid needs certification from authorized institutes.

4. MRI technologist

MRI is an inevitable part of medical world now. This is basically a tube, inside which a magnetic field is created. Radio waves are used to take the images of patient’s organ, tissue or bone, as per the doctor’s suggestion.  The image is needed by the doctors to diagnose stroke, tumour or heart attack and other diseases. 

Anyone who is interested in health care can take up this as the profession. The job is radiography and it needs a lot of interaction with patients. The primary directions like not to move while inside the tube, or taking care of the nervousness when they are approaching the process should be done sympathetically. So the MRI technologists need to be a good communicator, and caring towards the patients. Being attentive and detail-oriented is a plus for this job.

The professional should also take care of the diagnostic equipment, and also be able to operate them.  As the growth in the number of ageing population continues, there will be more opportunity for this job. 

5. Commercial pilot

Being a high flyer is your ambition, but you are unwilling to go through the regular college years and course. So there is the option for you. Being a commercial pilot will help you achieve your ambition and yet no need of college degree. These pilots are to take care of unscheduled flight like charter flights, aerial applications and aerial tours.  Among them a few are corporate pilots and their ability is to transport company executives. 

Among other responsibilities there is flight scheduling, maintenance arrangement of aircraft, loading luggage etc.  A commercial pilot’s training and certification is required along with a high school diploma to bag this job. the training should be done from FAA certified institutes after high school completion.


Education is a must to get into any profession, and so is training. The regular college courses may or may not come handy for you. So choose wisely and be a good judge of yourself to become successful in life.

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