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Resolved: Fire Stick Common Problems With Best Guide

Resolved: Fire Stick Common Problems With Best Guide

No, there is no periodical charge to employ the Fire TV Stick itself but remain in mind that being a Prime associate very much increases its worth and services like Hulu Plus, Netflix, HBO etc all have their own linked payment costs.

What to do if Firestick is not truning on?

It’s really frustrating to see that sometimes your Firestick won’t turn on, to restart your Firestick you have to just unplug if for a few minutes and plug it back in. Once your Firestick is plugged in, you need to hold on to the home button which is on your remote for about 5-9 seconds and your Firestick should pair with the remote.

No Power in Amazon Firestick:

If you do not see the power in Firestick you don’t need to panic as it could be the problem with your Television as well. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to ignore troubleshooting of your Firestick.

Here we cover all the aspects of your Firestick not working, for this you must go through this complete guide and get your all the “Fire TV Frozen, Firestick Won’t Turn on” concerns.

Causes behind Amazon Firestick with it:      

If your Firestick is not turning on, you don’t just need to troubleshoot your Firestick instantly, instead of that try and reset other devices too like your TV, Router, Internet Cables and then of course your Firestick.

Defected Firestick device:

It’s one of the rare causes of a Firestick not getting powered up, that is a defected hardware of Firestick. But you much go through this device even if you think it’s not possible.

This is totally understood that it can be annoying when all of a sudden Firestick won’t turn on.

Once you try all the options like reset or restart, and if you are also done with the verification of HDMI, then instead of USB port use a socket.

To prevent the device from overheating use HDMI extender with Firestick, that is another ultimate solution. However, if you have already used HDMI extender, then try and use Firestick without it because there may be a wrong cord.

Another Solution: Using different Power Charger/ Adapter

To turn on your Firestick device use some other power adapter or USB cord. This is however important for you to know that Firestick uses same charger/ adapter as other Amazon devices. That means to try a alternate power source rather than a battery charger as all Fire TV sticks do not run on battieries.

Verification of Amazon Fire TV Stick Specifications

First and foremost you have to know that before installing Firestick, you need to check the compatibility of your Firestick with your device.

If your TVs port is unstable i.e. if there is any small glitch in the software where the connection if not getting registered, then your Firestick device won’t turn on.

Connect Fire TV Stick with different HDMI port

Sometimes the HDMI port plays the main culprit part if you are using it to connect the Fire TV Device. So, you need to switch to the other HDMI port on your TV.

Now let’s get started with the basic troubleshooting associated with Firestick.

  • Firstly, check if the Amazon Firestick is properly plugged in the TV or not. If you have not unplugged it, try to educate your device by using voice control feature.
  • Secondly, do not forget to keep a check on the batteries inserted in Fire TV remote. Because, if the batteries have not been changed from a long time or are not inserted properly, your new Firestick won’t turn on. Also you need to make sure that the remote sensors are not covered.
  • If the Firestick has come to sleep mode, you will continue to see no power in Amazon Firestick. To bring the Firestick back in active mode, press remote buttons and give guidelines to make sure that it is not a real cause.

Note: This solution has worked for more than 81% users.

Other than all of this, check for Firestick software updates and install it on immediate basis. If you ignore this resolution and device reboot immediately after software upgrade, it may cause Firestick blank screen error. Still, your Firestick does not turn on? Then, verify and check that white colour light at the front of the device should be turned on otherwise call amazon firestick customer service phone number for more help.. If you don’t see any light, it suggests that the power supply of your device has gone out.

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