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Top 10 Fintech Development Companies of 2020

Top 10 Fintech Development Companies of 2020

In all over the world, there are several fintech software development companies that offer innovative technological solutions related to big data, alternative finance and financial management; this helps in developing leading payment applications and software.

Statista stated, 70% of senior banking executives said that it is really beneficial to collaborate with Fintechs and Bigtechs as this helps in offering new banking services.

Globally, the value of an investment in Fintech companies was approximately 112 billion US dollars in 2018, and the same is gradually increasing year by year. 

Nowadays, various start-ups, SMEs and big brand industries are also using the online payment system to perform various tasks and as per that the demand for Fintech software development will also increase year by year.

Fintech Services Adoption Rate

As per the Statista, China small and medium enterprises adopted 92% of Fintech services.

Worldwide, between 2015-2019 the consumer adoption of fintech companies has rapidly increased. In 2019 globally, 75% of consumers have adopted some form of money transfer and payment services.

Best Fintech Development Companies of 2020

Due to increasing demand for the Financial technologies, people are seeking leading Fintech development Companies to build a top-notch payment, finance software and apps. 

There are numerous Fintech software development companies, but when it comes to the listing of Top Fintech Development Companies of 2020, then only a few are able to meet the criteria.

On the basis of various parameters such as: 

● Companies year of experience

● Successfully launched projects

● Satisfied Clients

● Hourly Rate

● Employee Strength

● Award and Badges

● Rating, etc

I have listed the top 10 companies that employ leading Financial technologies like (Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Blockchain) to proffer outstanding Fintech services.

1. ValueCoders

ValueCoders is one of the leading software development organizations and is also known as one of the best Fintech Development Companies. The organization was founded in 2004; it has worked on multiple projects related to various industries like healthcare, finance, retail, e-commerce, travel & tourism. 

Key Elements of ValueCoders

★ 15+ years of Domain Experience

★ Launched 4200+ Projects Globally

★ Holds 2500+ satisfied clients

★ 500+ dedicated employee work here

★ Hourly Rate $25/hr

★ ISO 9001:2008 & NASSCOM Certified organization

This organization offers leading services it includes – Mobile and Web Development, Software Development, Outsourced Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT, Offshore Software Development, IT Strategy & Consulting, Finance app development.

2. Konstant Infosolutions

It is one of the leading IT industries and offers top-notch services to its customers. The organization was founded in 2003 and is also known as one of the leading Fintech development companies. The employees of the organization always try to meet the customer’s requirements and all ensure to deliver the project on time.

Key Elements of Konstant Infosolutions

★ 16+ years of experience

★ 200+ employees work here

★ Holds 2500+ delighted clients

★ Holds 4.93/5 at GoodFirms

★ Recognized by as #1 Mobile App Development Company in India 2019

Web Design, WordPress Design & Development, Magento Ecommerce Solutions, Android App Development, Mobile Web Design, Finance App Development, Custom Web Application Development are some outstanding services offered by this company. 

3. First Line Software

It is one of the top-notch organization proffers leading IT solutions to the clients. This organization was established in 2009. The workers of the companies are experienced and have the capability of resolving the things in a better way. 

Key Elements of First Line Software

★ 10+ years of experience

★ 650+ employees work here

★ Serving 25+ countries

★ Holds 4.8 ratings at Clutch

★ Hold the badge of top e-commerce companies

The organization offers following services – Custom Software Development, Product Development, Agile methodologies, Software Outsourcing, EpiServer development, Big Data & Cloud, Machine Learning, Retail Digitalization, Data management, Big Data, Cloud, Finance app development. 

4. Appster

It is one of the outstanding mobile app development companies and is also recognized as one of the best Fintech development Companies. The company was established in 2011; it holds dedicated workers that know how to deal with the clients.

Key Elements of Appster

★ Launched 700+ projects

★ 8+ years of market experience

★ 97.1% Clients Satisfaction rate

★ 500+ employee work here

★ Holds 4.8 rating at Clutch

The organization offers multiple services like -Mobile App development, App design, Prototyping, iOS Development, Android Development, Mobile Apps, Product Management, Quality Assurance, IP, UX, Finance app development.

5. Existek

It is the software development and outsourcing company; it provides leading financial related services; that’s why it is also known as one of the excellent Fintech development Companies. It offers leading services that are appreciated by the clients. The organization was established in 2012.

Key Elements of Existek

★ 7+ years of experience

★ In this organization 50 plus employees work

★ Hourly Rate $25/hr

★ 24*7 service

The organization offers various IT solutions, and it includes Product Development, Software Development, Custom Software Development, Application Support & Software Maintenance, Finance related services. 

6. Ideatolife

It is an outstanding software development organization. The organization offers helpful solutions to startups, SMEs, and big brands. The company was founded in 2014, in such a short time the organization has made its presence in the market.

Key Elements of Ideatolife

★ 6+ years of market experience

★ Hourly Rate $25/hr

★ 50+ dedicated employees work here

★ Holds 4.96/5 rating at GoodFirms

The organization offers various IT services, and those are – Web development, Custom software development, CTO as a service, Big Data as a service, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, UX/UI, Mobile applications, Finance app development.

7. Techmango 

It is one of the leading IT companies, and in a very short time frame, the organization has collected a lot of name and fame. The company is also counted in the list of Top fintech development companies of 2020. This organization was founded in 2014.

Key Elements of Techmango

★ 5+ years of domain experience.

★ Successfully delivered 110+ projects

★ Serving 10+ Countries

★ Hourly Rate $25/hr

★ 200 plus experienced employees work here

★ The company holds Top App development badges

The company offers outstanding IT services, and it includes Mobile and Web app development, software development, AI & ML Development, Business Intelligence, Blockchain, IOT development, finance app development services.

8. Indeema Software Inc

It is one of the recognized software development companies and is also one of the top Fintech development Companies. The organization was founded in 2014. This company provides leading services to its clients; that’s why it has made such a good reputation in the market.

Key Elements of Indeema Software Inc

★ 5+ years of experience

★ 50+ employees work here

★ Last year worked on 41 projects

★ Hourly Rate $25/hr

★ Holds 5.0 rating on Clutch

★ 96% client satisfaction rate

Mobile apps development, Web solutions (front-end, back-end), Solutions for the IoT (IIoT), Blockchain-based decentralized apps are the leading services offered by this organization.

9. Inoxoft

One of the famous startup IT sector organizations offers valuable services to its clients. The company was founded in 2014, and now it has become one of the leading Fintech development companies. The developers of this organization always try to offer satisfactory results to the customers.

Key Elements of Inoxoft

★ 5+ Years of market experience

★ 95+ employees work here

★ 50+ Projects Successfully delivered

★ Hourly Rate $25/hr 

★ Holds 20+ Satisfied Clients

Mobile app development, Web app development, UI/UX design development, Cloud Development, Custom Software Development & Custom Application Development are some outstanding services proffered by this company.

10. RootQuotient

This company is one of the reputed IT sector companies and is also one of the top-notch Fintech development Companies. The organization was founded in 2017, and here dedicated employees work that knows how to handle various projects in possible ways.  

Key Elements of RootQuotient

★ 2+ years of market experience

★ 50+ employees work here

★ Company headquarter is in Toronto, Ontario

★ Launched 50+ projects

★ Hourly rate $25/hr

★ Holds Top Developers badge

The organization proffers the top value services to its clients, and it includes Digital Transformation, Rapid Prototyping, Blockchain, Hyperledger, Machine Learning, Tensor Flow, Keras, Software Development, Application Development.

Ending Words 

Top Fintech development Companies of 2020 mentioned above offer leading Fintech Solutions. The companies stated here have proffered appreciating solutions to various industrial sectors like healthcare, retail, finance, e-commerce. 

If you are looking for the best Fintech software development companies, then you can choose any of the mentioned companies. In order to get the leading innovative technological solutions, always hire dedicated developers and for that don’t forget to make the right choice.

If you are facing issues while selecting one of the best Fintech Companies; then you can consult experienced IT consultants as they will recommend you the best and will also help you in providing the solution as per the business needs and requirements.

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