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4 Awesome Features to Include in Your Travel App Development Plan

4 Awesome Features to Include in Your Travel App Development Plan

Gone are the times when people spent time in queues to book a travel destination while negotiating with a travel agent for long to get the best and affordable packages. Now, everything related to travel from hotel booking, discounts, offers, to eatables and sightseeing is a step away from a user’s Smartphone device. 

Over the recent past, there have been a lot of travel applications launched in the online space out of which a few apps have caught user’s eyes like Roadtrippers, Kayak, Hopper, Tiqet, and GetYourGuide. But, still, there is a lot of scope for local travel companies, tour guides, agencies and individuals looking to create the next awesome tour and travel app.

Moreover, the recent report from Statista showed the scale on which the travel industry runs. As per Statista, the digital travel sale worldwide is projected to hit the 820 Billion USD mark by 2020. Surely, building a travel application can turn out to be a golden move considering the vast success such an app gets.

But what about the features a modern travel app must have? Let’s have a look at some very important yet unique features which can make your app look way better than other traditional travel apps.

Some Basic Feature you will find in a Traditional Travel Application

•    Booking hotels, flights, and tour packages 

•    Access Images of destination

•    Free cancellation on all bookings

•    List of accommodation near a location

•    Real-Time chatbots

•    In-app calendar to book at your specified date

•    Payment Gateway Integration

•    Push Notifications 

Features to Build an Outstanding Travel Application

1. Give Users with a 360-degree Virtual Tour Support 

The reason why most travel mobile apps fail is due to the reason that there is no out of the box feature to give the user an immersive experience. But with technological enhancement, giving your users a feature like a Virtual tour is not so difficult. 

The virtual tour enables a visitor to view everything in a location at a 360-degree radius. Hence it will allow users to view everything in real-time in a virtual manner. So if a user wants to have a room or lounge tour, before booking his tour destination, he can look at the room, balcony, view, nearby locations, etc to get an idea of the place and then decide if it suits his needs.

App ‘Sites in VR’ and others have successfully implemented and provided this feature in apps. So better ask your android or iOS app development services partner to have this feature in your dream app and get ahead of your competitors.

2. Adding Currency Convertor with Multilingual Functionality

Some apps have travel plans for a country specifically doesn’t have a currency issue. But when you wish to make an app that is for people across the globe then you must include a currency converter feature. 

Before integrating a currency convertor feature, it is important to study the foreign exchange market to know the various scenario and currency trends. This will help you to develop accurate results based on the latest currency values. We recommend you to go for a reliable mobile app development company for this.

Moreover, take note that adding a currency calculator feature does not disrupt your travel app user’s experience, i.e. you must look for seamless User experience. Furthermore, as your audience will be multilingual, so it’s important to feed everything in a user’s local language (or based on preferred language). 

3. Scan and Access Mobile Tickets both online and offline

Most of the travelers and tourists prefer to book tickets through their mobile phones. It makes a journey easy without the hassle of standing in queues for a long time. Rather book tickets online and enjoy the beauty of the monument or historic places nearby.

For implement this feature, the app owner may be required to build collaboration with various locations so that one has a QR code or scanner available on the app. An ideal example for it would be the app ‘Tiqets’ which is widely popular across the world with its faster and efficient methods to plan and organize one’s trip.

travel app development

4. Suggesting New Places to Explore via GPS Map Integration 

 With GPS Map Integration tourists can enter nearby areas and get to know about their schedule, accommodation, events, parties and a lot of other things as well. 

Whether a person wishes to book a hotel, hostel or a lounge, or want to go to a nearby bar or is looking for affordable options, everything can be made available through the app. Not only this feature will allow users to find new locations and events but it will augment help in other areas like traffic, finding accurate locations and estimated time, etc with ease.


As a startup travel agency or a business, opportunities to create a unique app are immense right from booking, scheduling, to sightseeing and leisure activities. But selecting the right features for your target audience can prove to be a game-changer decision and for this you need an expert app development team.

But you don’t need to worry about that. Our team is already specialized in creating and implementing such features. Our team of experts will be more than ready to give you a free consultation on everything you might need to build your dream app.


With changing times, there has been so much increase in convenience in travel right from booking tickets, accommodations, etc. Major credit for this convenience goes to tour and travel apps available in numbers on the app stores.But not all such apps catch the user’s eye like Roadtrippers, Kayak, Hopper, Tiqet, and GetYourGuide. The reason for this primarily lies in the features an app has and also in the ability of app development company. 

While most apps have features like booking tickets flights, accommodation, scheduling trips, payment gateway, push notifications, offers, etc, there is a need to give something outstanding to users. Giving a 3D room tour or tour of the future accommodation for free would be a dream feature for a person. Have it in your app development plan. Having a currency calculator and language translator feature can help in user convenience which most of the apps lack. 

Features like GPS navigation can enable users to find nearby places based on their areas of interest with ease. Also, allowing users to book tickets online of various historical monuments and places from the app itself is a great feature to include.

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