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10+ Features of Windows 10

10+ Features of Windows 10

(1)Start Menu:

In Windows 10 you will be welcomed with a new surprise and that is Start Menu | It is a combination of resizable live tiles like Windows 7 to the application list and Windows 8.1. Here you can add, delete, resize and rename tiles, change their color and group them. Apart from this, you can change the color of the Start menu. Compared to the previous version, it is a best start menu and is also highly customizable.


cortana is your wonderful personal assistant. Cortana helps you find things on your PC, manages your calendar, keeps track of packages, searches files and tells you whatever. As you use Cortana, it will give you more personal experience. To start it, type a question or query in the search box of the taskbar or select the microphone icon and talk to Cortana. Cortana also gives you a reminder of something useful.

(3)Task View Button:

Windows 10 has brought many great features for PCs and Task View is one of them. The Task View button is on the right side of Cortane on the taskbar. Clicking on this Task View button or swiping left on the touch screen shows all open windows and allows the user to switch between them.

Task View creates groups of applications in many desktops to increase your productivity. Click the + New Desktop button on the bottom right side of the Task View screen to create a new blank desktop. On a desktop, open the program you are currently working on and on another desktop you can open social activity, email. Then you can easily switch from one work screen to another personal screen.

In the task view interface, when you move your mouse on a desktop, it will display all the open programs in large thumbnails. Also, to move an application from one desktop to another, drag it or right click on it and select the desktop number in Move to.

(4)Improved Command prompt:

Now it is easy to select the text in the command prompt. Now you can copy and paste with your familiar Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keyboard shortcuts and open the dialog box of Find with CTRL + F.
Ctrl + C (or Ctrl + Insert) – to copy selected text
Ctrl + V (or Shift + Insert) – to paste copy text
Ctrl + Shift + Left / Right – To move the cursor to the left or right of a word
Shift + Home / End – To bring the cursor to the beginning or end of the current line

(5)Mark mode-

In mark mode, you can copy the text into the block. It enables selection of text like other notepad applications.
Ctrl + M – to enable mark mode

(6)Word wrap-

Unlike the previous version of Windows, when you resize a command prompt window in Windows 10, it automatically wraps the text to fit the text in the window’s width.

(7)Full Screen Mode:

If you want the full screen immediately in the command prompt, just press the Alt + Enter key and press Alt + Enter key to exit this full screen.


Now you can change the color of the command prompt and view its window. In addition, you can set the transparency of the command prompt from 30% to 100%. For this, right-click on the title bar of the command prompt and select Properties first and then Colors tab.
CTRL + SHIFT + Plus (+) – to increase transparency.
CTRL + SHIFT + Minus (-) – To reduce transparency.

(9)The Edge Browser:

Microsoft has replaced its old web browser Internet Explorer with the new Edge browser. Edge browser gives you a way to surf fast and modern web. It is integrated with Cortana and has a reading mode, social share button and hub.

No need to visit any one website for an image. Enter your search in the handy address bar and save your time. You will get instant search results from search suggestions and history of your browsing. If you want to open a web page in Internet Explorer, all you have to do is click Open with Internet Explorer in the menu button.


You can browse the store on your PC, tablet, or phone and easily download free or paid apps of games, music, movies and twi shows. The store has hundreds of apps available to keep you in touch, to talk a lot, for games and entertainment. To start the store, go to Start and select Store or click the icon again from the task bar.

(11)Xbox app:

Windows 10 comes with the Xbox app, which brings your friends together to play games. On the page of the Xbox application games, you can learn about upcoming game updates, learn new features and also see clips and trailers of upcoming games. Start Xbox application to Start> Xbox

(12)A new look for settings:

Go to Start> Settings. From here you can browse the categories of settings, or search for those who want to search. This includes advanced options of Control Panel. From here you can personalize the lock screen, select any of the default themes, change the color and background of the desktop.

(13)Get your work done faster with Quick access:

By default in Windows 10, File Explorer opens as a Quick Access folder. Here you can see Frequent folders, Recent files. Use quick access to save every minute you need to access the same folder, file or document each time. To peen any folder in Quick Access, right click on it and select Pin to Quick Access or drag and drop this folder into the Quick Access folder.

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