Monetizing an App like Favor

The basic agenda of any business is to be able to make money from it. However, given the current situation of the world where everyone is forced to be housebound, building and making your favor delivery clone is not just about making money. It has quickly escalated from a simple business enterprise to a benevolent establishment that helps the people of their country receive the delivery of everything that they need right at their doorstep.

Many people across the globe are dependent on different restaurants for their food requirements. Having and launching an app like Favor ensures that you can facilitate a smooth delivery of food for whoever requires it while making a boatload of money in the process.

Let us now try to examine how a food delivery app like favor makes money and understand its working flow in the process.

favor delivery clone

Download and Log in

The first step to using this app is to find it on the Google Play store or the iTunes App store and then downloading it. Your app should be available in both android and iOS to make sure that people using both platforms can utilize it thereby increasing your customer base. Once the users download the app, they can log in to it by either filling out a registration form or try to log in using their Facebook or Gmail IDs. Please note that the download and login process will pretty much be the same for users as well as drivers. Restaurants will have a slightly different procedure single they are not an individual but a company.

Placing orders

Once the user is login into the app a list of all the restaurants can be seen in the nearby area. They can then click on the restaurant they want to place an order from and simply add their favorite items to the cart. They can then check out these products from their cart.

For the delivery drivers, once an order near their geographical location where they are physically present is placed, the drivers closest to the area receive an order request.  IF he chooses it, he gets the order, if not the request is bumped to the next closest driver. This continues till the driver accepts the request. Then the driver receives order details and the address for delivery.

Delivery of the Order

Once the driver accepts the delivery, he or she receives the order details and the address for the delivery. The customer is notified of the driver details and the estimated time of arrival. The restaurant notifies the details of the driver and the order to pick up. Then the driver can collect the order and make their way to the destination. Once the driver reaches the destination with the order, the customer is notified and the order delivered. The customer and the delivery driver can rate each other on their experience. The customer can also rate the restaurant on the quality of the food.

How does the financials pan out?

IF you are wondering how the app makes money, well, it is actually quite simple. Each time the delivery driver picks up an order and makes the delivery they make a decent earning. Likewise, the restaurant earns as they provide more food and take up more orders. The app owner stand to make a good commission each time the order is place.

The best thing about this on demand mobile app is that you don’t have to cook the food or even make the delivery rounds. You simply act as a liaison that helps the customers come closer to the restaurant and place orders seamlessly. And, for this convenience that you offer, you stand to make a handsome commission. The best part about the app is the fact, you will be the sole decision-maker. Thus, you can decide on how much commission you want to make. You can set the percentage value of the commission from the admin panel.

How to effectively monetize your app?

The secret to monetizing your app like Favor is to make sure that the capital you invest in the beginning is relatively low and the commission that you make is high. You can do that by investing in a ready made app like Favor rather than building one from scratch. Building a full fledged app like Favor might cost you anything in the neighborhood of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It might be a time consuming process to build one.

On the contrary, when you buy a ready-made Favor delivery clone, it is launch in less than a week. What’s more, the app will also cost a lot lesser. All you need to do is to ensure that you only buy the app from a reputed white label on demand food delivery app development company.

When you purchase the app from them, the delivery is done in 4 to 5 business days. The app development team will white label it with your brand name and logo along with the color theme.

Another important detail that you should focus on is the marketing aspect of the app. Make sure that you market the app in the best possible way. Thus ensuring people are aware of your brand and download it. The more the people that use your app, the better it is for your business. It might also be a great idea to take a live demo of the app before you purchase it. It will give you an idea of exactly how your on-demand food delivery app like Favor works. All the best!