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Fascinating Tour from Thailand to Laos

Fascinating Tour from Thailand to Laos

Thailand and Laos are neighbor countries and share a mutual border on the north of Thailand. Both are famous for their beautiful tourist destinations in Asia. If you are planning to visit Asia during your next vacation, you should consider visiting both countries either with your family, friends or even if you are traveling by yourself. If DIY is your preferred way of traveling, those countries are easy to travel. However, It would be smart to plan your tour a bit longer. If you are limited in time, many a fascinating tour packages are to be found offered online, making your visit more efficient and save some time for all travelers who want to visit both Thailand and Laos.

Pay attention that some tours put some more focus and weight on Thailand and others on Laos. Just be sure to get what you are more interested in.

No matter how you are going to travel this region, there are thing you will most likely see, and if for some reason you tend to miss them, please don’t!

Some of the highlights to be found in North Thailand and Laos

Wat Rong Khun- The White Temple

It is a unique temple that is located about 5 km from Chiang Rai city. This temple is dominated by white color as a pure color to show the sacredness of this temple. The temple was boldly designed by the Thai artist Chalermchai Kositpipat back in 1997. Kositpipat had the courage to think and act as he wanted without considering results. He has revolutionized the repetitive and mundane style of Thai art and turned it into a new and up-to-date one with different look but lots of Buddhist symbolism, architecture are to be found as well as beautiful decorations in this temple.

Hill Tribe Village around the Mekong River

Another interesting activity that you might not want to miss during your visit this region is of course the Hill Tribe Village. You should know there is not only one village to visit and not only one way to do it.. So, according to your style of traveling, be sure to visit the right one for you. Some located in Thailand, near the Mekong River, and others (perhaps not with the same name) are in Laos. You can get a glimpse into some unique cultures from several ethnic minorities in Laos. It is a fascinating opportunity for you to see some unique rituals, traditional clothing, houses, and beautiful decorations from these tribes.

Pak Ou Cave

This cave is located about 25 km from Luang Prabang. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Laos. This place has more than 4,000 Buddha icons that are available in this cave. The cave is located in a dramatic limestone cliff in the middle of the Mekong and Nam Ou river.

Wat Xieng Thong – A Traditional Buddist Temple

When you are in Laos, you are going to visit its traditional Wat Xieng Thong. Some people call this place as Temple of Golden City. It is on the north side of the peninsula around Luang Prabang. There are a lot of beautiful decorations that come with gold color and style. You can find several halls and stupas with several Buddha images and statues.

Phousi Market

Many tourists are interested in visiting this place. This is a traditional market where local people in Laos buy everything they need every day. You can find a lot of traditional clothes, foods, and accessories in this market. You are going to enjoy the local culture of Laos in this market.

Those are only a few of so many more sights and attractions you can find in this area and as said, it is up to you which of them you choose to see according to the time you have. when you take a Pre-planned tour package that saves you precious time, a package of 8 days should be great for you. However, sometimes you might need some longer tours. Anyhow, You are going to take this special tour for bringing you to enjoy an incredible experience from Chiang Rai-Thailand where most tours begin into Laos.

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