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A family guide to relocating to a new location one Month earlier

A family guide to relocating to a new location one Month earlier

The stressful situation you encounter while thinking about moving to a new location is not a new-founded experience of relocation. However, with a little precaution and certain checklists planed one month earlier, the preparation of moving could be more relaxing, convenient and joyous for your family. 

Read the following moving tips to enjoy your relocation and experience pleasure into new environment of your dream.

family guide # 01 – Planning

  • If living in a rented apartment, make sure you have served the one-month pre-eviction notice to your landlord, in case the same is mentioned as a mandatory term for room eviction.
  • The landlord of your current address should also be informed one month earlier, if there’s such rule as per rent agreement or similar rental document in place.
  • How about hiring Packers & movers? This comes handy for those people unable to pack their household articles on their own.
  • Any subscription you may have opted like newspaper or credit card billing statement to your old address should either be cancelled or updated to a new address.
  • If your existing contacts have no idea about your new address, you can mail/call them to update the same.
  • Useless household articles should either be trashed into dustbin or sold out, before you move into a new apartment.
  • You may also think of hiring a professional cleaner, if you need to clean up the room you want to vacate. This is because of the reason that vacating is a process rendering the sanitation of the room in a mess. Cleaning would restore its shine.
  • It would be very helpful for you to make a list of boxes that you would need for packing your household stuffs. Many people make the mistake of considering this very important tip at the last moment of relocation. This results in frustrations.

family guide # 02 – Managing non-essential things

Decluttering useless items before moving could help you avoid unnecessary packing and saving some bucks on their transportation to a new address. For this, follow the tips being mentioned thus – 

  • Take a close look at the number of furniture items or anything to consider whether they would require being taken to a new address; be dumped or sold out.
  • Got old and barely-usable kitchen appliances? Donate them or sell them out, if they’re no longer required.
  • Got too many old clothes you barely need in your wardrobe? High time you sold them out or donated.
  • Any non-essential items, like old toys of your kids, shoes no longer in service or anything should be addressed properly before you move into a new address. Either sell them or give free.
  • There could be a lot of furniture items in your old address that you may consider if they would be taken to a new place or not. If you think that they deserve to be given away or sold out, do so. The items worth-taking should be included in your “priority” moving list.

family guide # 03 – Handling Packing

It’s very necessary to ensure safe packing of your household items before you move into a new location. Follow these checklists – 

  • Number of boxes containing certain household items in package must be written down for further reference at a new location for the convenience of opening up the contents without hassles.
  • Contents inside the boxes should not exceed beyond permissible limit, as overstuffing could tear up the boxes, damaging the contents.
  • Each box should carry household items of your family members differently, for the convenience of helping everyone to collect their items without hassles.
  • Boxes containing household essentials must carry name identity of the room at a new address using labels or coloured pens, for the sake of separating them from one another box.
  • Don’t forget to mark the name of the specific room (living room or bedroom) on either side of the box. It will help you to store the contents inside the box in the designated room only. For instance, if there are certain items to be shifted into a living room, make sure that the box carrying the same information on its cover.
  • Leave certain important household items to be packed on the last day of your moving to a new address.

Winding it up

Planning for relocation to a new address one month earlier is not only safe from the viewpoint of helping you to manage a lot of things smartly, it would also help you make your relocation an exciting experience. 

The tips mentioned above could be of highly use in your preparation for relocation to a new address one month earlier. However, if you think that managing all the relocation tasks on your own could be very time-consuming processes for your family, do not hesitate to call in for the service of packers & movers. They are expert professionals given to skilful handling of your valuable household items during relocation, making it a great moving experience for your family. 

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