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7 Facts About Dating An Outgoing Introvert

7 Facts About Dating An Outgoing Introvert

An introvert is a rare and special person. While it may take extra effort to understand an introvert, you will find that your life has changed for the better. These persons are definitely puzzles that are worth solving. Here are seven facts about dating an outgoing introvert. P.S. I am also an introvert and obviously I know myself better than anyone else. 

We Need a Little Time for Ourselves Every Day

We appreciate your company and love being around others, but we give so much during these meetings that it empties us. We need time every day to just calm down and recharge our batteries. This can mean staying in the sun for ten minutes or taking a yoga class. Anyway, give us this space and don’t take it personally. It has nothing to do with you.

It Takes Time to Find the Right Words

Our introverted side makes us live quite often in our heads. Our extroverted side wants to speak and share feelings. When you combine the two, you get someone who has very important things to say but who may need a little time to pronounce the words correctly. Be patient with us and you will be rewarded with a true and meaningful conversation.

We Have a Constant Inner Dialogue with Ourselves

We tend to live in our heads and even speak out loud. We are constantly analyzing the past and anticipating the future. It is not that we are not having fun. It is just difficult to deactivate our inner voice. We want someone who can help us get out of our heads and really enjoy the moment.

We Try to Cancel Projects at the Last Minute

The extravert in us wants to socialize with others, but the introvert becomes nervous and bored at the thought of small conversations and difficult conversations. Softly remind us what a good time we will have and know that we will most likely make the life of the party once we arrive.

You Can Skip the Conversation

We want a deep and real conversation. My friend Helen who is a little special because of an ailment in her leg found her mate George at a free handicap dating site. Being an introvert, she doesn’t have the patience to chat or awkward silences. It took time for George to understand her nature. But with time, the flower of their understanding blossomed and today, they are an inspiration for other couples out there. 

We Introverts don’t need your life story from the first date, but be prepared, to be honest, and direct and ask interesting questions. If you’re talking about reality TV, the weather, gossip or shopping, don’t expect any answer from us because it’s not our cup of tea.

Do Not Post On Our Relationship On Social Networks

We are somewhat extroverts, so we appreciate the socialization offered by Facebook and Twitter. But remember, deep down we are introverts, which means that we choose to share our lives with a few very close people. We would much rather receive a phone call or email from your heart than see a photo of our first date on Instagram.

We Love To Meet Your Friends, But Not All of Them at Once

We want to meet the important people in your life, but only one or two at a time. We become aware of ourselves in a large group of people we do not know. We want you to show us, so please allow us to shine our best by keeping the presentations for small dinners instead of corporate barbecues.

We are a little messed up with our nature as extroverts or introverts. If you’re ready to cross the line between the two, you might find the perfect partner for life.

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