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Get More Likes on Facebook Page and Start Influencing Online

Get More Likes on Facebook Page and Start Influencing Online

Presently every one of us is on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or Twitter. Some of us use it for entertainment purpose, some of us use it just for communication but there is another side of Social media platform like Facebook which allows us to not only communicate but also helps to make some money out of it. Facebook is one of the top rated and highly used social media platforms globally. In 2014 around 1.34 million users were on Facebook which is increasing on a very high scale. Till 2020 Facebook have approximately 1.70 billion users which is more than any of social media platform available online. This creates a golden era to start your carrier as Facebook influencer and to do so you must get Facebook Likes.  Below we will discuss the tactics to gain more likes on Facebook Page

Run Campaign:

There are many ways to increase Facebook page likes, one of them is running campaign on your fan page. This could take your lot of efforts and money as well but yes at the end you will add some likes on your Page and loose a big amount of money to and still the number of likes you are going to get is not fixed.

Join FB Groups:

Once you reach 100 likes on your FB page you will get authority to join Facebook groups related to your niche as a Facebook fan page. Post content related to your niche every day on the group. This will attract the audience and hence you can invite the people who liked your post. You have to put some efforts but the plus point is it is 100% free.

Post Video Content:

Post video’s regularly because it has been noticed that Facebook naturally provide more organic reach to the video’s as compared to the content or pictures. You can also run FB ads on videos to reach more audience.

Give Away Contest: 

Every month you should organize at least one giveaway contest. Ask them to share your page with their friends and in return a random page will let an expensive gift like an iPhone or a Pay station. So that they are more active on your Facebook page, in this way your page will get more visitors and reach.

Social Media Agencies:

There are n number of social media agencies which sells likes, followers, comments, reviews, subscribers and more for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. By using their services you can easily buy Facebook page likes instantly without any hassle and of them deliver it you within few hours of your order. This is a cheap and best plus fastest way to increase your Facebook likes.

Research the Competitors:

Keep your eyes on competitor see what they are doing so that you can be one step ahead of them. By doing this you can avoid the mistakes which they are doing and hence this will save your time and efforts too.

Ask for Shoutout:

When you are approaching someone popular or celebrity for shoutout doesn’t just directly ask for it. First start a decent conversation with them and after that share your proposal with them. In return you can also offer them a shoutout on your page.

Encourage Comments: 

Engage with your audience through comment section this is one of the best tactics this can not only help you to gain Facebook page likes but also increase your post likes. The more you interact with your audience the more likes you are going to get.  One of the best, easy and effective tactics.

Facebook Live:

Facebook like is one of the best way to connect with your audience. Live streams open number of option for you, with it you interact with your audience one on one. This will help you to introduce your upcoming plans with audience in much better way. At the end this will increase your trust authority toward your audience and likes too.


Above we have provided 9 tips to grow your facebook page but the last one and the most important tip is concussion. Analyses the data: After going through all the above tricks do not forget to analyses the data and results. Because what fits you it may or may not fits on some ones else profile. So always go through the data analytics. Like for most of the influencer and brands they prefer to buy Facebook likes from social media service provider like FollowerHike as it is cheapest, fastest and secure way to grow your social media platform. It may work for you or not you have to analyses it by yourself.

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