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Facebook Continues to Test the Integration of Messenger and Instagram Direct

Facebook Continues to Test the Integration of Messenger and Instagram Direct

According to the updates, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, plans to integrate messenger. Integration of messenger, instagram direct and whatsapp is what this plan is all about. This plan is to integrate all the texting apps that come under it.

While these apps will still be going to provide services on the stand alone basis. Facebook integration with other messenger apps is going to be a big step. However, their underlying structure is going to have a similar work process.

Being used by a large number of audience around the world, this infrastructure will serve about 2.6 billion people. This action of integrating messaging apps will let the users communicate across the apps.

However, the questions which arise here are:

  • Can this step have the ability to redefine the way users use these apps?
  • Is this step going to improve the hold of facebook on the lives of the users?
  • Wouldn’t this step create an environment of antitrust for the users?
  • Will it be an interference in the users’ privacy and security measures?

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp integration is still a step that needs to be understood. For this to take place, a lot of Facebook employees need to understand the basics of these apps.

The people involved in this matter told about it while keeping the anonymity as it is a big step. The step of apps integration has raised a million doubts. Also, it underlies the words of Zuckerberg as he once said to leave the apps separate.

Plus points of this integrated messaging apps as told by the people involved:

  • The messages will remain end-to-end encrypted.
  • This will not allow any other person or authority other than the people involved to see the messages.
  • The texting experience will become faster, easier, more reliable and private.
  • It will become simpler to connect with family and friends across different social networks.

This step is also taken to increase the popularity of the app among users. By integrating messaging apps together, Facebook decides to give tough competition to it’s competitors. All these three apps are major texting apps and thus, together they provide better performance.

With this facebook messenger and instagram integration, the users will find more utility on the platform. This increased use will also lead to higher branding and advertising options on the platforms. Hence, it can be proved worthwhile for the blooming startups and businesses.

Factors of this apps integration process which hamper the image of facebook:

  • It is said that this change will follow facebook scrutiny for almost around 2 years.
  • This change can also allow election meddling and spread disinformation. Due to this, the integration of facebook, instagram and whatsapp is being criticized.
  • There are other issues as well which have slowed down the growth of Facebook.
  • The reputation of facebook has been shackled due to the control falling into the hands of legislators around the world.
  • The independence possessed by Instagram and Whatsapp is at stake due to this integration.

Well, to put these accusations and falling reputation at rest, Zuckerberg has assured fixations. He has promised to fix the issues arising due to the apps integration.

Stitching together these apps was against the previous saying of Mark  Zuckerberg. At the time when the acquisitions were made, he promised to provide enough autonomy to instagram and whatsapp and this is how you can increase Facebook page likes.

After that, these other apps have grown quickly and widely. That is why, the idea of integrated messaging apps came to the mind of Zuckerberg. He planned to turn it into a Facebook family of apps, which includes /messenger instagram direct and whatsapp.

Problems which arose as a result from integration of facebook, instagram and whatsapp:

  • The integration plan has driven a strife between Zuckerberg and the owner of Instagram.
  • For similar reasons, Whatsapp founders have also departed from the team.
  • A lot of whatsapp and instagram employees have had clashes with Zuckerberg.

Not just these problems, but privacy has also become a concern for the users. After the app’s integration, the choice of providing information is at a stake. Earlier, whatsapp users need to provide their contact numbers. On the contrary, the facebook and instagram users have to provide their ids.

Once, these apps emerge to be one, the choice of information will become tricky. It might lead to a number of people withdrawing from all these integrating messaging apps.

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