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Explore Different Kinds of WordPress Web Hosts & Their Merits & Demerits

Explore Different Kinds of WordPress Web Hosts & Their Merits & Demerits

Since WordPress is incredibly popular, it has established a huge industry of hosting service providers that are known to offer all kinds of plans right from an affordable and reasonable $3 every month shared plans up to $700 every month business-focused dedicated plans. While this seems to be a good thing as it implies that you are having a plethora of options, it could also, prove to be rather perplexing for the beginners trying to get started with perfect WordPress hosting.

Besides understanding clearly the basic terminology, you could come up with the perfect decision by knowing exactly what each kind of WordPress hosting plans are brought to the table and the ways they could benefit you. Moreover, you could then understand precisely which plan you could opt for and what is the right time for getting an upgrade. 

There are numerous things to consider while choosing a suitable WordPress web host. However, you need to choose the best kind of WordPress web host before looking into the specifics. In order to determine the best WordPress web hosting service for your website you need to consider the following factors: 

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Reputation
  • Support

Let us explore the four different types of WordPress web hosting solutions that are available today. The four WordPress web hosting plans are:  

  • Shared hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Shared Hosting

This is supposed to be the WordPress hosting’s entry level with the help of which you could get a website running within a matter of only a few minutes. In this kind of a shared hosting environment, you would find that your website would be hosted with numerous other websites that are hosted on a single web server. This implies that you would be one of the several customers that are splitting effectively the use of the same server. We understand that all the resources of the server like CPU, memory, etc. would be shared between all the existing websites on the same server. In this context, you must understand that the only guaranteed resource happens to be the specific hard disk space where you are supposed to store all your WordPress web files. 

Even though shared hosting may not sound thrilling or compelling enough, they have certain benefits or merits that simply cannot be undermined.


Easy and Simple to Set Up: Shared hosting plans seem to be generally pretty easy and simple to use. Moreover, your host would even help in setting up WordPress just for your convenience.

Extremely Low Prices: Sharing servers with over one site would be enabling providers to effectively pass their savings directly to you.

Low Maintenance: Requires very low maintenance.


Extremely Limited Functionality: We understand that shared hosting is actually designed just for the purpose of basic web hosting solutions as such you would have no access to specialized features like caching etc.

Not Flexible: Shared hosting is not flexible at all. The web server along with the installed software would be managed exclusively by the concerned web host. Moreover, you have no right to add any additional functionality and software.

Shared hosting is regarded as the best option for you provided you are developing your very first website or maybe when you want to take things really slow and think of upgrading only when the requirement crops up. The best thing about shared hosting for WordPress is that practically all providers would be offering shared hosting plans at incredibly low prices. However, in a shared hosting scenario, you would not be having control over your WordPress website’s security. In this context, you must understand that your website is just as insecure as the website with the least security present on the same web server. You may seek the expert services of a reputed branding firm for perfect branding solutions.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting for WordPress

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Servers has gained a lot of popularity as it is incredibly affordable and offers huge flexibility opportunities. Just like shared hosting, we understand that Virtual Private Servers will make you share hardware with some other users but you would be getting the virtual space that could be kept all to yourself. You may not be having total access to the entire server; however, you still would be having more isolation as compared to Shared hosting solutions.

As per, “Many hosts offer two types of VPSs – managed and unmanaged. The first is perfect for users who want to enjoy the benefits of this type of plan without having to make tons of manual changes, and the latter is ideal if you have some experience configuring servers.”


Relatively Inexpensive: Even though it is slightly more expensive as compared to the shared hosting, VPS is relatively less expensive as compared to other solutions.

Amplified Customization: Most VPSs help you in customizing various aspects of precisely their configuration and that may include specifically what OS to utilize and even the amount of power needed by you.


Very Much a Shared Environment: Even though you get allocated resources there could be instances where web hosts would not be allocating the resources properly. As such, suppose a number of Virtual Private Servers are utilizing their resources, they could be adversely impacting the performance of your website and VPS.

Limited WordPress Support: Most web hosts that provide you VPS solutions would be helping you only with VPS and associated network issues. However, they would not be helping you with any WordPress specific issues.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed hosting is supposed to be a management-free and hassle-free web hosting solution meant for WordPress. It is certainly more costly as compared to VPSs and shared hosting solutions but several businesses opt for it as they do not need to maintain WordPress. They just need to manage the overall feel & look of the website and take care of their content. Managed WordPress Hosting solutions are famous and enjoy a great reputation because they provide specialized WordPress support. 


Design Specifically for WordPress: Managed WordPress Hosting has been designed specifically for WordPress as such it is a very targeted and hassle-free solution.

 Advantages Galore: It offers a host of perks. A typical package would include security features, backups, and innovative support for effectively staging websites, etc.


Slightly Restrictive: This solution could prove to be slightly restrictive particularly if you are thinking in terms of complex and big WordPress customizations or even integration with some other solutions.

Relatively More Expensive: It is slightly more expensive in comparison to other alternatives that offer similar resources.


We have discussed that there are a number of WordPress hosting plans and each of them is having their own merits and demerits. There is no cookie-cutter solution while choosing the best one for your business. Everything is dependent on your requirements and your budget. 

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