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Things You Should Explore During Your Durham (England) Trip

Things You Should Explore During Your Durham (England) Trip

Last year you had celebrated Christmas vacation at your home. You spend some memorable time with your family members and friends. But this Christmas you want to do something unique. Right? If you have planned to travel somewhere, then take some time to visit DURHAM and get some fantastic memories.


Durham is a historic county of North East England. It is one of the most beautiful places and located beside England. It will hardly take four hours from London. And, if you have arrived from Edinburgh, then it will take less than two hours. 

If you are ready without knowing what the best things you can do in Durham, then you may not enjoy it properly. You have to do proper research before you pack your luggage. If you are searching for the mesmerizing destinations you can do in Durham, then you are in the right place. We have mentioned some things that you could do in Durham. 

Let’s have a look at them…

Durham’s university Oriental museum 

It is established in 1960 in England and it represents the art and culture of Asian and Africans. You will amaze to know that there are so many Egyptian collections that include various types of stuff such as masks and that is approximately 4000 years ago. 

The best part of this place is that you will experience a different world, which you may have heard in your grandma’s story. You can acquire knowledge if you have an interest in history. 

Wharton cathedral Park

You love grasses and high slopes, and then this place is for you. Whenever you walked from this park to church, you can visit different parks. It gives a photogenic view of the cathedral. Once you climb up, then you can see there are several small slopes. 

It was founded in the nineteen century. And you can visit here for a picnic and can enjoy the music and dance performance. Kids will enjoy more than you because they can like the electric ride at a very low cost which adds more beauty to this place. 

Gala movie theatre 

It is a £15 million theatre that covers various types of programs. If you love to watch opera, dance, classical and jazz and many other arts, then you should visit once. And you can enjoy more amazing things such as you can talk regarding interesting cultural figures with a famous personality. 

As you are visiting this place during Christmas, then you may meet with some mind-blowing surprises. Don’t miss it… 

Old garden

This one is the most beautiful places in Durham. You might be thinking that what makes this place an amazing one?

You have watched many old movies in which they use the garden that was beautifully decorated. And if you love that, then you are going to experience the same thing when you will visit the old garden. It is located at the beautiful ambiance where you can enjoy the greenery. And you can see various small farming that will bind you to that place. 

Theme park

Whenever you go somewhere, make sure that your children can enjoy the trip too. Though, it is not an easy task because they have a lot of demands. And for them, nothing is better than Digger Land. It is a place where different types of hydraulic rides are there to enjoy. And not only this, your kids can enjoy hunting for buried treasure, knocking over skittles and many more. 

If you are visiting Durham, then do not forget to book tickets for the theme park. If you are worried about the price, then you do not have to because ticket prices are affordable. You can easily adjust to your travelling budget. 

Downriver in Durham

Sometimes people get bored after spending a full day in-crowd. In that situation, you can go somewhere which can give an immense peace and satisfaction. The main motive behind a vacation is spending time away from the hectic daily schedule. 

If you are searching for a peaceful place, then FINCHALE PRIORY may be the best choice. This is because here you can enjoy the downriver. It will give you calmness and you can spend a whole day staring at the river. 

You can see there are so many places in Durham, where you can enjoy your trip without spending much. But sometimes people face some financial issues that force them to cancel their vacation. But if you are facing some unexpected expenditure, then you can take financial assistance from direct lenders in the UK. They can provide you bad credit loans with no guarantor required. The best part is that you can easily get loan approval even with less-than-stellar credit scores. 

Now you can enjoy the trip without worrying about finance. But make sure you book a hotel and ticket in advance. With this, you can save a large amount of money. 

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