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Some of the most expensive restaurants in the world

Some of the most expensive restaurants in the world

Tired of eating every day at home, the five-star restaurant, starting from the side of the road to the Rice Hotel – is going out to eat at least according to their own means. On the day of closure or occasion, many people go to the restaurant to eat with friends. When eating somewhere, it is often the first time to see if the price of nutrition food is affordable. There are some restaurants where you can buy more than one iPhone for the amount of money you need to spend on a single meal!

 Let’s find out about some of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

Sublimotion, Spain:

It is currently the most recognized restaurant in the world. This 12-seat restaurant is located inside the Hard Rock Hotel on Ibiza Island, Spain. That means a maximum of 12 guests can eat at this restaurant. Established in this restaurant, we have to spend at least two thousand dollars at a time to eat at one and a half, more than one hundred and sixty thousand rupees!

Guests are treated to 8 to 20 types of dishes made by Michelin starred chefs. Michelin Star is a method of verifying restaurant quality. Every year for more than a hundred years, a French company scrutinizes various restaurants around the world and gives them new stars or takes away their former stars. The restaurant, which has three stars, is considered the best.

The restaurant’s main chef, Paco Ranchero, is a three-star chef. Expensive not only get food at this restaurant, but also get sophisticated gadgets, beautiful art and sophisticated atmosphere. With each meal served the environment of the room changes depending on the type of food. As a result, this restaurant will also have an exciting experience with delicious food.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant:

Among the most expensive restaurants is the only restaurant located below the sea in the Maldives from SAARC countries. At 28, the New York Daily News recognizes the restaurant as the most beautiful restaurant in the world. Located in the Indian Ocean, this restaurant is located 5 meters deep. The restaurant can accommodate only 5 guests at a time. So if you want to eat here, you have to book in advance.

At this restaurant, you will find fish eating different species of water below. After designing and building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on May 27, the restaurant, like the Tunnel, was taken to the Maldives. The restaurant was opened in the next year, that is, 20. The restaurant serves four and six types of dishes each afternoon and night, respectively. The cuisine here is made up of a mixture of Asian and European cuisine. Different marine fish are predominantly in the food list. At one time you have to spend at least $ 120, that is, about 25 thousand.

Restaurants Gordon Ramsay, UK:

Gordon Ramsey is a familiar name to those who see MasterChef. This chef is just as famous as the Hollywood stars. He opened this restaurant in Chelsea, London in the 5th. If you want to eat here, you have to drop about three and a half dollars, which can be converted into Bangladeshi money is about thirty thousand dollars. However, the most expensive meal here is a red wine, with a bottle worth eight and a half thousand dollars!

In this restaurant you will find French cuisine of different flavors. Various marine fish and lamb dishes are also available here. Needless to say, you have to buy every meal at a very high price. Maybe playing here once or for the rest of the month or you will have to spend a bit of curry or noodles!

Aragawa, Japan:

The restaurant was located in Tokyo, Japan, at the top of the list of the most expensive restaurants made by Forbes in the 21st. Although Jolush has lost a bit over time, Aragawa cannot be excluded when it comes to the most expensive restaurants. This small restaurant is located at the end of the hallway in the basement of an office building. At this restaurant, only 22 guests can eat.

This restaurant is most famous for Kobe Beef (Japan’s specially cooked beef). Beyond this, the charcoal grilled Sanda Beef Steak (Sanda is a Japanese breed of beef), also famous for its steamed whole salmon. But no matter how good the taste, a large amount of money will come out of your pocket. You need to spend at least 5 dollars, or about eighty thousand rupees for a single meal.

Massa, United States:

The restaurant, located at the Time Warner Center in New York, is occupied by three-star Japanese chef Masa Takayama. Japanese restaurants have other flavors of Japanese cuisine. However, the food should be reported at least three hours in advance, so that the food can be served well!

This restaurant has no specific food listings. After the guests sit down, fresh dishes are served one after another. The restaurant will drain around $ 5 or 30,000 from your pocket without giving you any drinks or tips at the end of the meal. Even if you want to cancel your booking, you still have to spend $ 25!

Mission Peak, France:

Established in 1970, the restaurant has been in the hands of the Peak family since its inception. Anne Sophie Peak, the current head chef of the restaurant that has been around for four generations. At 28, she became the first French woman in France and only the fourth woman in history to win the three-star Sophie. Earlier, his father and grandfather also received three stars.

Sophie Peak serves dishes in a mix of modern and classical dishes. Sitting in the 21st Century, this restaurant is in search of twentieth-century cuisine. However, you have to spend at least 1 dollar or thirty-six thousand rupees to get the taste of that meal.

Restaurants Le mourais, france:

Located in the French capital, Paris, this restaurant is part of a much older five star hotel. The restaurant is decorated with bronze and marble stone floors and walls. If you eat a one-time meal without any kind of drink, you have to spend at least $ 120, that is, about 3,000!

Hotel de Ville, Switzerland:

A couple in Switzerland have owned this restaurant for about 3 years. This restaurant, run by three star chefs, is very popular with everyone. The restaurant serves local famous food. If you want to eat here, you have to spend 1 dollar or about twenty-six thousand at a time.

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