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In today’s busy life, people have multiple tasks to perform. It can be professional or personal but most of the time, people forget one or two things to complete till the end of the day. As you know that manual notes are of use, we still forget things. Then what is the solution? It’s simple enough use, the Evernote mobile app. Well, Evernote is an amazing note creating a tool that allows you to record any note or memo. The note or a memo captured in any format i.e., handwritten notes, audio file, web clip, and many more.  This is a super cool note capturing tool that can access from any platform. Whether it’s Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry OS. Not only mobile devices, but you can also even access Evernote from your desktop or laptop too. If there is any shared note, Evernote allows more than one people to collaborate and can make changes through any device as it’s a cross-platform tool. Check further Evernote app reviews.

Evernote app reviews

Cross-platform means, the note can be changed via any platform and can even be accessed on another platform. The format will remain the same for every platform. It’s an easy to use tool that allows people to share information and team up of various project works. It even helps in sharing information rapidly on live projects.

Evernote App Reviews and benefits

  • It can sync up all your notes, web clips, files, images and many more that are available on your device. All your important files can be accessed from any corner of the world. All you need is an internet enable device.
  • Not only text notes or you can save images on Evernote, but this tool is also capable to save a whole webpage is just a second. Saving a webpage does not mean that it will capture a basic HTML page, Evernote will save it as it appears on the internet with all the images as well as the links too.
  • Due to the heavy workload, you may be forgetting things, but with Evernote, you don’t need to worry more. All your important tasks like food making, send parcel delivery and many more tasks will remain safe on Evernote and it will even remind you according to the time.
  • Sharing of note is very easy. You can share your notes with any of your friends or office mates anytime and anywhere.
  • Don’t like traveling with a bunch of papers, just scan them all and keep it safe on Evernote. Office documents, travel documents, map routes, etc can be saved on it so that you can easily access them anywhere on any device.
  • If there is an urgent meeting and you are not prepared with your presentation, just leave it all on Evernote. Through a single click, all the required information notes will be transformed into beautiful slides that can be used in your presentation.

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Basically, Evernote is document work management tool that never lacks behind in showing its productivity. However, there are few flaws and it’s quite normal because it is satisfying 99% of its users. No app or software is perfect that complete all the public requirements. But still, Evernote is performing good enough to complete all the basic needs. It’s a complete package for business class people those who attend meetings every now and then.

The basic version of the Evernote app is available on Playstore (Android) as well as App Store (iOS) for free. To get more premium features, you will have to pay some amount. The subscription plans are of month and year, you can choose it on your own as per as your requirement. Transform your work Through Evernote and all forget things that delay your daily routine.

By Anurag Rathod

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