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Ever Wondered How Exciting Your Backpacking Trip to Europe Could Be?

Ever Wondered How Exciting Your Backpacking Trip to Europe Could Be?

Europe is the ultimate destination for all kinds of travelers. Located mostly in Northern hemisphere, it’s surrounded by the Arctic and the Atlantic Ocean. When it comes to backpacking this popular continent tops the charts. There is so much to explore that even months maybe less. Avid travelers are always checking about how to book a flight online at the best price for Europe and other destinations. Reason for the popularity of this continent is its serene environment and rejuvenating vibes that can always keep making you feel young and energetic.  

Popular Countries Worth Visiting in Europe 

The continent of Europe consists of close to 50 countries. They are divided into four zones to make it easier to manage the statistics. Some of the popular must visit countries according to the zones that you must know to plan your trip in Europe are highlighted below. 

North Zone 

Some of the popular countries that can be explored in this area are Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden & the UK. There’s a lot that can be explored in the country of Denmark. Best place to visit here is it’s the capital city of Copenhagen. This is one of the ancient cities known for its arts and museums.  Another country that can be visited for its natural beauty and the natural reservoir is Iceland. One of the reasons for its popularity is its Geyser that is indeed a fun site. While booking your flights to Denmark or Iceland don’t forget to check some exciting coupons from

Norway, Sweden & UK have lots to explore too. United Kingdom (UK) is an island and conglomerate of more than one country. It’s made of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. One of the most popular city here is London. People often visit London for some of the popular tourist attractions. Besides Madame Tussaud and Hop-on Hop-Off, it is most popular for its world famous bridge. 

South Zone 

Countries worth exploring in this part of the continent are Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal & Spain. Croatia is one of the countries that was unexplored earlier but now gaining popularity because of the unparallel poise it offers. The landscape here is surreal that can give you soulful experience.  When it comes to Greece one place that comes to mind is the island of Santorini. Architect of this area is not less than a dream. 

  • Italy, of course, is one of the popular fashion hub recognized globally. You can’t miss shopping from the popular brands that originated from here. Besides that, the capital city of Italy, Rome is known for many other reasons. One of the seven wonders of the world Colosseum is found in the city of Rome. There are many other places that must be visited in Italy. Among others is the Gondola ride in the city of Venice.  If you wish to experience some cultural heritage then you must visit the countries of Portugal and Spain. Needless to worry about the price of your flights when you have so many cash back offers available online. 

East Zone 

People visit this side to explore countries of Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania & Russia. There’s a lot that can be visited in the country from Bulgaria. From the popular waterfall to the classy Fortress you have it all here. You can also plan to visit some of the selected mountains to enjoy the city in the best possible fashion. Hungary is liked by people for so many reasons.  

One of the popular cities here is Budapest, the country is considered to be one of the safest for even a solo female traveler.  Poland, Romania & Russia have a different set of attraction that makes this country worth visiting. You can always check some great bank offers to book your flights to these locations. Goomo coupon code is gaining popularity because of the best discounts offered by them. 

West Zone

If you wish to visit popular countries of Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland then you must explore this zone. All these countries got one or the other specialty that makes them a must visit place. When it comes to Belgium besides other things it’s famous for their chocolates. You can always buy some of the unique chocolate out of many varieties to offer to your family and friends back home.  

France and Germany are not only popular tourist attractions but people often get hooked up to settle down here. One of the must visit and popular city to visit in the Netherlands is Amsterdam. You may be lucky to get the best rate for your flight by using Goomo coupon code. Switzerland is another country that you may not like to miss for a couple of reasons. One of the important is its natural mesmerizing scenic beauty. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Europe?

The climate across Europe varies according to the zones. It predominately got three types of climate i.e. Oceanic, Mediterranean & Continental. North and East zone exhibits continental climate that may offer you extreme sides of Fahrenheit as per the month chosen by you. If you like winters and wish to experience some snow then you can plan your visit anytime between October to April. On the contrary, if you are scared of winters then you may plan to visit there anytime between May to September.

To get flavors of oceanic climate type you can choose to visit the western side of the continent. You will be able to plan your trip any time of the year in this zone. Close to oceanic is the Mediterranean climate that can be experienced in South Europe. In short, Europe is the place to visit throughout the year based on the country you wish to visit and climate you wish to experience. 

How Many Days Do You Need to Cover Europe? 

You can stretch your trip to Europe for as many days as possible if your Visa is approved. The minimum time that you need to explore the continent should be anywhere between 7 to 10 days. Many backpackers plan to stretch their stay for little more than a month to explore as many countries as possible. As committed by one of the solo travelers, it took her month to cover north Europe on her backpacking itinerary. There are plenty of hostels available in almost all countries in Europe to make your stay affordable if you plan to stay longer. All you need to do is plan the number of days as per your budget and get set go. A solo traveler, couple, friends or family would be more than happy to visit Europe every year if they get decent Cashback offers. Flight to this dream continent is also made easy with numerous Bank offers that can help you plan your trip on EMI. If you wish to make it even simpler then you can look out for Goomo coupon code, Ixigo flight coupon code and other cashback offers on some of the sites. One instant go to site to check some of the best offers is You can search for Europe and you will be able to browse too many relevant coupon codes.

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