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Entrepreneurship as an Additional Source of Income: 6 Ways to Make Money

Entrepreneurship as an Additional Source of Income: 6 Ways to Make Money

Financial stress is the most common cause of depression in the modern world. Not always full-time work gives the level of income that would allow you to feel safe. Not always, even with a high level of income, a person feels confident, because there remains a dependence on work, and if something happens suddenly, there are fears of losing money. The way out is to open your own business appvalley. But sacrificing regular work in favor of business is another extreme. Is it possible to fully work six days a week and still earn decent money in your commercial enterprise? We say, “Yes!”

1. Sales and marketing

Many businesses provide services or sell products. But at the same time, these private business entities are not selling very well, as they are not efficiently organizing their marketing. Having organized a tandem with such enterprises, you can make good money if you at least understand something in sales, advertising, and marketing. At a minimum, you can become an information intermediary between the enterprise and the end-user, earning a percentage of sales.

2. Real estate investment

Real estate will always be a fallback, bringing regular and stable income, even in times of crisis. Having a small starting capital, you can purchase a real estate object both in the country of citizenship and abroad, and receive funds from the lease.

There is no way to buy a house or an apartment right away – use interest-free installments or redeem a share. There is no time to manage your properties – hire a realtor or just a person you trust for him to look after real estate, monitor utility bills, arrange rental payments and solve all minor issues with tenants. You can invest in both housing and commercial real estate. It all depends on the amount of investment and your personal preferences.

3. Contribution to education

Write a book or create a video course on those issues in which you are an expert and have rich practical experience. Recently, people have been spending a lot of time and money on education, so if you systematize your knowledge in a particular area competently and efficiently, your work will certainly be in demand. Sometimes a book or a cycle of lectures brings much more money than the main income, or serve as a significant help to it.

4. Leasing of property

Do you have a bike that has been dusting on the balcony for a year now? A room in an apartment that you do not use? A car while you go to work by metro or even walk? Why is all this idle when it could generate income? The easiest way to get money from the unnecessary is to sell the unnecessary. But if you still think that the unnecessary can come in handy, or parting with it completely is inconvenient or undesirable, then consider renting a bicycle, a room or a car.

Moreover, the list of what money can be made for is very wide, this includes household appliances, clothes, and much more. Therefore, audit and act.

5. Organization of events

People like to go to meetings, performances or training. So give them such an opportunity – become an organizer who will take care of solving all organizational issues and arrange a meeting of speakers with the audience. You will need to find a room and arrange a rental, come up with the event itself, find speakers and widely advertise a future event among target users.

Money can be taken both from visitors for entering the event, and from speakers for the opportunity to speak and declare themselves. This type of business is quite profitable but provided that you have the appropriate skills and inclinations, as well as communication among specialized organizations and business owners (speakers, owners of premises, etc.) or unhindered access to them.

6. Procurement intermediation

People are increasingly turning to the Internet as space where you can purchase the required items at much more pleasant prices than in offline stores. Many people want to buy things at retail at wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer or on foreign sites selling Chinese goods.

If online literacy and language skills allow, become the person who organizes the meeting of buyers with sellers. What it will be – a group of joint purchases or assistance in acquiring goods on foreign resources – is up to you.

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