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A complete guide to understanding the eligibility and process to get a residence visa in UAE

A complete guide to understanding the eligibility and process to get a residence visa in UAE

Everyone out there is looking for a good lifestyle. Somewhere you can have all the facilities and live peacefully. But the sad part about the good places to live in be that they are very expensive, this act as a bifurcation allowing only the rich people to have a more comfortable lifestyle. But one of the countries who is developed and is welcoming for people all around the world is UAE. It has all the resource, good infrastructure and everything that appeals a person providing him with every necessity of life. This influx of people around the world into UAE may be motivated by a number of reasons. But most important reason of them all is that they have established a business in UAE.

Living where your business work is very easy and convenient, that is why people are moving to UAE not only for the business. But also the good living conditions. That is why it is important for all the free zone company owners to understand what they are supposed to do in order to get residence visa both for themselves and their family as well.

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Because if you have a business in some other country you cannot live in your own land away from your company, and if you are to live in some other land you must bring in your family as well to avoid any difficulties in your life. Having said that, let us now start considering how we are supposed to get a residence visa for UAE and what are the important things that are to be done by the people living in other countries.

Having a job in UAE:

There are a lot of ways in which you are eligible to apply for a residency visa in UAE. If you are planning to have a Shams free zone company setup, you are eligible to apply for residency visa as well. But there are a few other ways also in which you can apply for a residency visa and get it in time. These include the conditions where you have a job in UAE. If you have a job in UAE then you are allowed to have residence over there as well. As far as bringing family is concerned you can only think about doing that if you earn enough to feed them.

No developed countries allow people from other countries get in their land unless they have some means to support them. If you have someone who has a good salary and is able to feed you, you can apply for residency visa as well.

Studying in UAE:

Another way to apply for UAE residency visa is to get enrolled in one of the colleges or universities over there. Every country has special flexibility in laws for the students who want to come in their land and study. UAE has one of the best education systems because of the large investments they make in their education sector. But there is one thing that makes the pursuit of education in UAE somewhat difficult.

It is the language barrier for the students. Since people from diverse back grounds come into the country, their languages differ and this makes it difficult for them to pursue education. But if you have the language of requirement then you do not have to fear. Apply for an admission and soon you will get the residency visa as well.


Being a freelancer might not sound as a career to many people but it is something that can make you rich in a small period of time. The need for different services is increasing day by day and the service providers have a lot of scope. Many freelancers are preferred because they work better than their counterparts and also they have lesser rates. This is reason enough for UAE to encourage people to work as a freelancer in their land.

This freelancing is not an unchecked business either. There are permits and licenses that you have to obtain before you start working full time as a freelancer. And as soon as you get the permit or license you will be able to apply for a residency visa as well. This is another option for the people who are looking to move to UAE in future. Start a small scale freelance career and as soon as you can. Apply for the license and then the residence permit. It is a very easy way to get started.

Business owner:

This one is quite clear for anyone who wants to apply for a residency visa. UAE welcomes the investors with open arms and it is easier for them to get a residence permit as well. There are many business options that you can choose. There are people who look out for having a Fujairah free zone company setup as it is one of the oldest and largest free zones of UAE. This makes UAE not only the best location to work in but also to live in as well.

If you are a business owner or have a partnership in any company in UAE. You are eligible to apply for a residency visa. Even bring in your family too because it is allowed for the businessmen who hold good businesses in the UAE. You would be able to provide them with a better life style and everything would come out easily for you. This is probably the easiest easy way to get a residence visa in UAE.

Buying property:

If you have property in UAE there is no way that you cannot get a residence visa for yourself. You have to make sure that the property that you own must be more than AED 1 million. And then you are good to go. As soon as you own this property you can apply for residency and you’ll get it soon enough. It is easier and convenient than all other options.

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