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Why Businesses Must Start Using Electronic Signature Software

Why Businesses Must Start Using Electronic Signature Software

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Many companies, organizations, and government entities conduct a majority of their affairs through websites. It is because the internet has become the easiest way to maintain communication between business partners and clients alike. With a high percentage of consumers using smart devices in their daily routines, only a non-visionary firm would neglect the importance of having such a platform. 

And, for any result-driven organization out there, the importance of integrating electronic signature software into their websites cannot be overemphasized. Just like payments can be made online to play a book of ra gratis, so can contracts be made. 

What is an Electronic Signature? 

Is your company still looking for ways to go paperless? Adopting electronic signature software is one method that’s working for many businesses in different industries. It does away with the need for stamps, seals, or signs made on paper to offer authorization or consent in various situations. 

In a nutshell, an electronic signature is a software that allows you to sign documents, agreements, contracts, or other important paperwork digitally on your smart device. Not only does a digital signature software allow you to create signatures, but it also enables the transfer of documents between signees, and eventually stores them.

It sounds like a very convenient option, but many companies are still reluctant to embrace this software with the notion that it’s not as legitimate as manual signatures put on paper. On the contrary, electronic signature software is just as much a legal method of signing documents, just like the conventional methods are. The ESIGN Act is a law in the U.S. which states that e-signatures are legally binding. So, rest assured that rendering your signature on your computer from the comfort of wherever you are doesn’t make it any less credible. 

That said, there are a few conditions that you need to fulfill to ensure that the authenticity of your e-signature software cannot be disputed. Let’s take a look at these conditions. 

How to Maintain Your E-Signature’s Authenticity 

The ESIGN Act was necessary to assure companies that their e-signature software records would be valid even in court. This act confirmed that using signature software was recognized by the law, as long as:

  • You maintain full disclosure between you and your customer regarding the electronic contracting process. It includes seeking their consent to use digital software, instead of pen and paper. Also, you should offer them the option of providing their signatures through non-electronic means. Include a section confirming that the signee has agreed to use the software, to protect your interests in case issues regarding the contract arise.
  • Evidence of the electronic agreement is stored for future use in case questions arise concerning its legitimacy. These records should be stored and made accessible to all parties involved in the transaction. A genuine e-signature software allows you to store such documents and contracts on secure online archives, such as cloud storage. You should make sure that the records cannot be breached by external parties who may corrupt details, which can affect their legitimacy.
  • The use of an electronic signature software has been allowed on the document that you’re working on. Exempted records that might not be processed using e-signature software include adoption paperwork, divorce decrees, wills, court orders, and notices.

The ESIGN Act also supports international business transactions, provided that all involved parties can prove the validity of each transaction. By following these regulations, you can be certain that any business carried out through electronic software is as valid as one conducted through the paperwork. The main question, however, is why you should give up your trusted paperwork for software that you’ve never tried before? Below, we’ll explain the benefits that you stand to gain by switching to digital signature software.

The Benefits of Using E-signature Software

So far, many organizations have experienced a rise in productivity as a result of using electronic signature software. Here are some of the benefits you could reap too:

· Streamlined Work Flow

With paperwork, getting the signatures required on a particular document from different individuals normally takes several days, with a lot of waiting in between. You need to keep checking whether one signee is through with the document before passing it onto the next person.

Electronic software, however, allows you to create the document and send it to your business associates with just a simple click of the mouse. As such, you don’t need to move from one department or office to the other, delivering, checking, or picking documents. You can engage an entire chain of signatories from the comfort of your desk, and in record time too. 

· Cost Savings

Paperwork comes accompanied by printing and scanning expenses. Then, of course, there’s the cost of buying thousands of sheets of paper for contracts, agreements, forms, and other needs. Replacing these with a single software does away with such expenses. With the faster, streamlined workflow that comes with an e-signature software, you’ll be able to complete transactions on time. It means you can conduct more business in a short period. 

· Customer Satisfaction 

Digital signature software enables customers to perform several transactions from home, which is quite convenient. For instance, some banks allow clients to create bank accounts electronically with the use of such software. By making such activities easy for them, you build your reputation as a reliable and efficient service provider. 

The software saves you resources, labor, and as a result, money. A small business accounting software will, in this way, help small and medium-sized businesses to perform better against their competitors.

Who Needs This? 

If signing documents and contracts is a daily part of your organization’s operations, then you need this software. Whether you’re a government department, a public entity, or an independent business person, you can easily email signature software to your clients for faster processing of forms. Besides, with many Android apps available which support such software, you can expect to connect with a majority of your clients in this manner.

A Website That works for You

Both large and small business-software needs cannot be deemed as fully met if you ignore e-signature. Using this easy-to-acquire application on your website has many benefits, including making your workplace more productive and helping you remain a step ahead of the curve. All you need to do is to make sure that you follow the regulations stipulated by the ESIGN Act. If you’re in a different country, a lawyer can help you understand the local provisions for using this software.

If you have any questions concerning electronic signature software, feel free to share them with us.

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Thomas Glare is a website designer who has helped numerous companies to make a mark in the crowded internet space. He assists organizations in adopting modern software to grow not just their online presence, but also their businesses. On the side, he creates blog content that ensures companies have quality websites.

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