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Places to visit in EL Salvador with delta airlines

Places to visit in EL Salvador with delta airlines

EI Salvador is the smallest country located in the heart of America and it is densely populated. This destination houses beautiful beaches, forests, national parks, inland attractions that urge a person to visit this place. The one interesting thing about the city is that it has only two seasons: the dry season and wet season. The dry season starts in mid October and lasts till mid may. The wet season starts in mid may and ends in mid of October.

If you are planning to visit this city then book your tickets with Delta airlines flights that provide you ample comforts and discounts. So do Delta Reservations and save more on your travel to El Salvador. Most of the population in this country is the combination of Europeans and Americans. Along with a number of destinations, one must visit the following places of EI Salvador.

San Salvador

This city is the most popular city and also the capital of EL Salvador. When it comes to the largest cities in central America then San Salvador stands second. This city was victim of many earthquakes and wars by virtue because of the result of which there were large scale destructions of Spanish colonies. Despite so many hardships this city is the financial hub for Central America. There are so many tourist places that people love to see in San Salvador.


Tazumal is located in Chalchuapa and it is a pre-Columbian archeological site in EI Salvador. Archaeological investigations give an indication that tazumal was inhabited from the classic period around 400 AD. It is a kind of pyramid that is 75 feet in height. There are so many other statues that help to explore the history of the city. So Tazumal is a place which you can visit in Salvador, if you are planning to visit this place then do not hesitate to book your tickets with delta airlines.

Playa EL Tunco

EL Tunco is a small village in EL Salvador that is located 35 kilometers away from Salvador airport. Earlier this place was unknown but nowadays it is the most visiting place of EL Salvador. There is a beautiful black sand beach where one can enjoy recreational activities,. Moreover there are so many bars and restaurants and also it is famous for weekend nightlife.


This place is located in the northeast part of the city. It has become an important tourist place as this place conserved colonial architecture that gives significance to the Spanish living style. This destination hosts numerous festivals and events for art. It is a place that is really significant and tells about art and history. Book your tickets with Delta airlines flights to visit this beautiful place.

EI Salvador is a place where you can enjoy beaches, forests, arts and historical buildings even in a single visit. Must visit this city by booking your tickets with Delta international flights. Sign up with to get better discounts on delta flight reservations. We will surely help you out to choose cheap tickets according to your flexibilities. Just signup and book your ticket immediately.

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