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Effective Ways to Improve Your Site’s SEO

Effective Ways to Improve Your Site’s SEO

Have you noticed your website pages aren’t loaded quite as high as you would like them to? If so, the issue may be with your SEO.

Search engine optimization is a long-term game. You have to develop a solid strategy and be willing to wait. Patience is key when it comes to SEO.

While this is true, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a few opportunities for you to improve your SEO results. In fact, there are quite a few. Some of these even let you take action right away and don’t dictate the need for new content.

While using specialty SEO tools, such as the Linkio – SEO Management Tool, is a smart move, there are other steps you can take as well. Keep reading to learn more about these tips and how to make them work for you.

Improve the CTR for Your Best Ranking Pages

The title tag on your website pages is the HTML element that is used for specifying the tile of your page. In a Google search, it is the top line that is displayed in the search result listing.

This is important because the title tag serves as the headline of your article. It has the job of enticing someone who is searching to click on and through your page. The ration of people who click your link (or any link) is referred to your CTR – click-through rate.

While CTR is not a ranking factor per se, there are many experts who believe that it plays a role in your overall rankings. In either situation, the purpose of ranking in the top spot in Google is to get people to come to your page. If you are able to create a title tag that encourages people to choose your page over the competition, then you have won.

To improve your CTR and title tags, use these steps:

·        Add power words to the title

·        Add parentheses or brackets

·        Use curiosity

·        Avoid any title tag truncation

Improving your title tags isn’t hard, but it is something that requires time and effort.

Optimize the Speed of Your Most Important Pages

Have you ever visited a page that took too long to load? If so, you likely clicked the back button and visited a different page altogether.

Back in 2010, Google announced that page speed was a ranking factor. Now, with mobile-first indexing, the speed of your pages is even more important than before. If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, it is important to understand, slow pages aren’t good for business or good for SEO.

You can check your speed using the PageSpeed Insights tool from Google, which is free.

Refresh Your Content that Has Falling Traffic

It is a good idea to conduct a content audit from time to time. When you do this, you may discover that organic traffic to one or more of your posts is falling. When you update the content, you can increase the traffic coming to your site.

You should make part of your marketing efforts to regularly rewrite or update your content. This is something that is going to help you continue to grow your traffic.

Fill in Gaps in Your Existing Content

Usually, people are going to search for the same thing using different words. Google is fully aware of this and will rank almost-identical results for several keywords. The key here is to cover one topic in great detail and make sure you rank for many long-tail terms.

When it comes to your website, there are several steps you can take to improve your SEO, achieve a better rank in Google, and increase your traffic

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