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Pro Tips To Effective Optimization Of Office Space Planning

Pro Tips To Effective Optimization Of Office Space Planning

Office staff usually spend about 40 hours weekly on the premises. Careful space planning is essential to ensure that you get the most from your space. Regardless of whether you are moving to a new location or enhancing comfort and productivity at your current location, office space planning is very important. Effective space planning increases employee flexibility, creativity, and productivity drives brand culture and attracts talent.

Your office layout affects employee productivity and overall wellbeing. Office space includes furniture arrangement and type, open spaces, lighting, and décor. Here are tips for effective optimization of office space planning from the pros. 


When planning your office space, a budget is very important. This spells out how much you are willing to spend on each aspect of the project. Additionally, the budget should cover emergency changes and other momentary updates. Hiring a professional office interior specialist is very important. A DIY project seems easier but expensive in the long run while costing significantly more. Call a meeting with all your employees to brainstorm on requirements for their ideal working space. 

Discard uncomfortable furniture

When arranging furniture, determine what to keep and what to discard. Poorly made or old furniture requires discarding to avoid causing various health problems to your staff. Uncomfortable furniture might cause back pain, migraines, eyestrain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Updating your furniture comes at a cost but saves your employees from pain and healthcare costs. The ideal furniture for productive staff should come with features including:

  • Armrest variations
  • Swivel mechanisms
  • Lumbar support
  • Padded material
  • Height, width, and depth adjustments

Prioritize variety

There is no solution that works everyone. When undertaking office space planning in Singapore, mind about issues including your employee needs and company specifics. The ideal office environment should prioritize variety to enhance flexibility. Collaborative, quiet, and game areas are ideal for employees to enhance productivity. Offer variety to make it easier for every employee to select the ideal working environment that works better for him or her. This will ensure that everyone works to their optimal capacity. 

Understand technological requirements

Technology is always evolving including in the workplace. Employees need to keep their phones charged and need desks with access to phone jacks. A professional contractor will work with your IT department to arrange the right space to match everyone’s needs. Other technological considerations during office space planning include:

  • Location of printers
  • Storage for technology
  • Proximity to outlets
  • Availability of Wi-Fi routers
  • Space for projectors and screens

Involve employees

The office space planning process should involve employees. This will make them feel in control over their ideal workspaces to give more job satisfaction. Let the employees arrange furniture including selecting the appropriate types. This allows giving everyone an option when selecting workspace to boost productivity. Additionally, involving employees during space planning encourages flexibility with a chance to work in different areas of the office. The employees can decide on where to handle different tasks as the day goes in the office. 

Don’t ignore collaborative space

The ideal office environment allows employees free movement to various areas in the office. This allows seeking guidance and collaborating on various projects. Make a dedicated collaborative space with workstations where multiple people will gather to brainstorm ideas. Include comfortable and plush chairs for people to discuss comfortably. Fortunately, the collaborative space can also be used to hold meetings or to meet clients. 

Lighting matters

Light fixtures in an office significantly affect mood, health, productivity, stress levels, and all well-being. It is very important to have your employees like the amount of light in their working environment. Spend time to notice spaces on your premises that could use more light fixtures. A professional fit-out company can help you introduce extra natural light in dark spaces. Ceiling lights are necessary for imitating natural light and effective illumination of spaces.  

Add a relaxation room

Taking breaks from work is extremely important. During office space planning, don’t ignore creating a relaxation room. This is where employees can get away from the computer for a few minutes. The recharge room  should have comfortable furniture and be free from any work-related accessory. In this room, people can make calls home or meet business prospects. Additionally, employees can mix with those in other departments to encourage development of meaningful relationships. 

Plan for growth

The ideal office space planning should match your business growth needs. You wouldn’t be re-doing the process after a short while. Consider the potential to get new staff and to introduce new furniture. Space should accommodate increased foot traffic to your office potentially from more customers and staff. Understanding this will save you from occasional office reorganization that takes time and costs a significant amount. 

In a nutshell

Office layout affects productivity and brand appeal. Therefore, office space planning is very important to ensure that you get a working environment that your staff likes and customers love. This requires having an appropriate budget, minding about the needs of every employee, and planning for business growth needs. 

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