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6 Key Characteristics of Effective Custom Website Design

6 Key Characteristics of Effective Custom Website Design

Regardless of what your goals are, effective custom website design is very important for your business. Your website is the way people get to know about your brand and what your brand stands for and your brand needs to be reflected in the best way possible on your website. Websites with poor functionality can discourage a lot of visitors from converting and hence this piece has been put together to list 6 key characteristics of effective custom website design that can help your business grow.

1.KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) –

Simplicity is at the core of effective custom website design and any custom web design company worth it’s salt will second the view. The more options you provide on the website, the more confused people will get and the rationale of offering more options aiming towards more conversions can prove to be counterproductive. Over and above being visually appealing, a website should be simple enough to further your business goals. Make sure that the experts providing custom web design services and working on your website keep things simple and you will substantially enhance your chances of conversions.

2. High-Resolution Photos –

This is a defining characteristic of custom website design because it is easy to grab one’s attention by using high-resolution photos. You can use such photos to serve as the visual representation of the products that you sell on your platform that can help the users in making their decisions. In the past decade or so a lot of efficient web design companies have been coming out of India. Thus, you or the custom web designing company in India handling your website design can choose to source  photographs from different angles which will help in establishing the credibility of the products being sold and increase your chances of converting.   

3. Consistency pays off – Consistency pays and it can pay for you too if you maintain consistent elements across the entirety of your website. This entails maintaining the same navigation, the same fonts and color schemes across all the pages. Companies providing custom web design services to you can choose to work with different layouts on different pages but you need to have some semblance of similarity to ensure consistency across the entirety of the site.

4. Effortless User-Experience –

The success of any website depends more on the user experience than on the aesthetics. You can have a very visually appealing website but it won’t amount to anything at the end of the day if it doesn’t promise an effortless user-experience. The entire layout of the website shouldn’t be confusing and it shouldn’t take much effort on the part of the visitors to go from one page to the other. You should make it a point to communicate this need to the experts that are providing custom web design services to you.

5. Easy Navigation –

Easy navigation is a must for all websites, including and especially eCommerce websites. The easier it is to navigate from the home page to the payment page, the higher will be your chances of converting. You or the experts providing custom web design services to you need to ensure easy payment processes for your users and your business will be rewarded for the same through higher conversions.

6. Cut the Clutter –

It has been mentioned before and it needs reiteration because it is of such crucial significance. The experts providing offshore web design services to you need to keep things simple and if possible keep the design embedded in minimalism and not make life needlessly complex for your visitors. You need to keep the elements on your page in check because it is been found out through many studies that an increase in the number of elements from 400 to 600 on the page can drop conversions by 95% and this is the one aspect that experts providing custom web design services should keep in their mind at all times. 

Final Thoughts

If you need help designing your website you can avail of the custom web design services being offered by many companies in the market. Such services are available in every possible price range and every possible geographical location and there is every chance that you will be able to find something that fits right in your budget and fulfills all your requirements.

Andrew langer is  is a social activist associated with a number of NGOs with 12+ years of experience in multiple domain specialized in digital marketing services. He also provides consultancy to boost brand awareness with digital marketing activity for rankings and visibility. His primary objective is to provide beneficial records to readers.

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