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4 Ways to Increase E-commerce Sales with Instagram Marketing

4 Ways to Increase E-commerce Sales with Instagram Marketing

As per a TechCrunch report, Instagram reached 1 Billion active accounts mark in 2018. The app’s usage and trend metrics suggest a higher response rate and greater engagement value than any other social network. Get an idea from this – 63% of Instagram users log in at least once a day into their account. And 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily. 

Today, this social platform has become much more than just being a photo-sharing network that matters to people thinking of serious business. No doubt, more than 75% of businesses in the U.S. are on Instagram now. With its empowering networking and communication features that it has built over time, it has been a great way to push and promote your stuff through in-built promotional channels and tools reaching out to filtered sets of target audiences quite effectually.

Instagram stays much relevant to the format of online commerce and helps businesses to display products and put them across in different forms and ways through catalogs, stories, ads, service links, and actionable posts. 

For e-commerce businesses, this comes as a great platform to pitch their products and services through lucrative marketing strategies. 

Adopting different tactics to promote your offerings on Instagram can help you achieve a better edge with selling on this platform for your e-commerce business. 

Get to know ways that e-commerce businesses adopt to sell better with Instagram marketing in these 4 points: 

Know your buyer’s profile 

Now, this applies to any channel or practice you take up to market your product. You have to know your audience before you take your first step towards marketing. Just like everywhere, when you plan your promotions with Instagram, you should first define your customer profile. Doing that, build a buyer’s matrix and categorize your users based on the factors like demography, location, disposable income, and interest areas. 

This can help you with creating campaigns that connect with them through more relevant and targeted communication. So, when you plan your posts, consider the profile of the audience and keep your idea of offering connected with that. For example, if you are into selling personalized name-written bags and want to promote it to users who are urban college-going students who love traveling, keep the theme, design, copy, and hashtags of your post best serving their profile.

Make your products reachable 

Most of the times you would be told to not make your posts and ads pushy and salesy. Well, that is some good tip. But, at the same time, you also don’t need to act too restrictive and unintended. While you make sure that your promotions don’t look too lurid and desperate, don’t compromise on making them striking and receptive enough to attract your users. 

As you do this, create visible routing options with call-to-actions to your pages and drive users to reach out to your products. You can do this by creating Instagram stories using the ‘swipe-up’ feature adding a link to your product pages. Another way of doing this is by placing a link in your bio and letting the users reading about you to route to your website in just one click. You can also make your products reachable by adding action buttons like ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Place an Order’ on your posts. These can be a great way to drive funneled traffic and qualified leads to your e-commerce website.

User-generated content and customer prompts

Creating good content for your Instagram profile on a regular basis is not easy. As you are on it for a while, your content and engagement plan may start falling short of ideas. So, a smart way to add uniqueness and variety to your post topics is by asking your customers and followers on Instagram to share their photos that can connect with your audience base in an interesting and stimulating way. 

This could be anything from unboxing your products, creatively using or applying them, going for lifestyle photoshoots with your products, sharing a witty meme based on your theme, or just post a quirky quote that connects with your idea of promotions. You can always incentivize and offer them rewards for their support and encourage them to do this often for you. This is a great way to reduce the workload off of your creative team and driving community engagement on your profile. Besides, this has a great influence on other users as it strengthens your social proof on the platform.

Contests, Offers, Freebees 

Rewards are always attractive. And contests, discounts, and giveaways have always been response-generators no matter which product segment you deal in. It has even better results with social media channels that target youth and Instagram just has the right audience base to engage in offer spurs. 

Here, you may ask users to take part in quizzes and photograph contests. The one with most votes or likes on their submissions can be given a gift, coupon, or promo code. Here, you can even get to reach your users with special product discounts, gift cards, membership offers, privilege accesses to shop from the store on different occasions and festivals. These engagements can be gamified and the participants can be attributed scores through a ladder system to make it more interesting and gripping as an online event.

Also, they can be asked to share and promote your products on their timelines and refer users to your page against the rewards like scratch cards, freebees, or some brownie points. As a shred of general evidence, these are going to get you more attention and attribution of your audience base.


Your e-commerce marketing activities on Instagram can get a successful response from your users if you get these ideas and practices applied right. Just make sure you do this to best suit your e-commerce plan and all your efforts should best engage your audiences and you will have the best of Instagram conversions flowing in!

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