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Need to Know When Making eCommerce Sales

Need to Know When Making eCommerce Sales

More and more people are starting to take their business online. There is so much opportunity available to sell product on the Internet, and people are finding that they are not only selling to people in their own city or state, but they are also making sales across the globe and on different continents.

Selling internationally online can be very simple but there are some guidelines that need to be followed when dealing with these types of transactions. People tend to worry about different laws for taxes and tariffs but selling online tends to be much simpler. Since most of the people creating online storefronts are typically selling on a smaller scale, they do not have much to worry about.

Taxes are something to consider, but you do not need to collect tax if you do not have a physical storefront. State taxes may be added if you have a real location. If you do not own an actual store then you do not need to charge an additional tax on the items you are selling.

Dealing with international sales doesn’t need to give you a headache, if you use programs like FastSpring that offer a seamless purchasing process, allowing customers to view your web page in their own language and currency as they shop then you are walking down easy street. Now you just need to follow some simple guidelines that will keep your business moving and growing in the right direction.

Protecting your customers’ privacy:

Typically when making online purchases you are required to give the retailer a good amount of your personal information, including telephone numbers, address and credit card information. It is crucial that retailers understand how to protect their customer’s privacy, which makes for excellent business practices. This will prevent future lawsuits and any other problems that may arise if a client’s information is stolen from your online business.

Secure Checkouts:

Another important factor in protecting your customer’s privacy is making sure your checkouts are secured. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is a standard that all organizations, as well as online retailers, follow when handling customers’ credit card data. FastSpring addresses all PCI compliance issues and securely processes sensitive data. All FastSpring stores are PCI compliant, and adhere to PCI DSS regulations. Our entire e-commerce infrastructure is regularly monitored, and credit card numbers are never stored. These features are a great to have when beginning a new online business venture.

Online Advertising Compliance:

It is imperative to understand the advertising regulations. Always be truthful when marketing your business or product, there can be consequences to being untruthful. False advertising misleads customers and will damage your credibility. Make sure your company can follow through with promises like how well your product works or how quickly it may arrive at their doorstep.

Full Disclosure:

Always make sure you are disclosing truthful information about the terms, costs and conditions of the transaction as well as accurate information about your company and services. This will make you a more reliable retailer and keep you in business. Provide detailed receipts of their purchases along with taxes, shipping costs and shipping information. Also include any instructions, safety or health care warnings. The more information you provide the better.

Author Bio:

Ella Marie is a creative content writer and digital marketer at Tistasoft. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing, ghostwriting, copywriting and social media marketing services. 

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