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6 Best Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics For 2019

6 Best Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics For 2019


The eCommerce industry is on success-path in the present-age as the influence of digital commerce is growing among the consumers with their ever-changing needs and ease of accessibility of shopping.

The number of eCommerce platforms has grown exponentially in recent years after exploring the opportunities for revenue generation. This has created a challenging and competitive environment where only the best with maximum eCommerce conversion rates will survive.

What is the eCommerce Conversion Rate?

An eCommerce conversion rate is defined by the ratio of the number of visitors that make a purchase from your eCommerce platform from the total number of visitors.

A good eCommerce conversion rate can be understood as when you have a higher average eCommerce conversion rate than your respective industry average. But there is always scope for improvement and we have listed some of the best and easy ways for eCommerce conversion rate optimization.

6 Methods To Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rate

1. Displaying Quality Product Images & Videos

          Visuals are essentially the most important element that helps an eCommerce in selling their products. Unlike offline retail, consumers have to make their purchase decisions based on visual, and not the sense of feel & smell.

So, it becomes important that you have captivating images and videos of products that showcase the product aesthetics excellently to the consumers. Also, stunning images attract consumers to products.

Besides, integrating quality product videos will help users to get a better and comprehensive understanding.

2. Highlight User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the future of marketing and it is essential that you give due credit to UGC on your eCommerce. UGC is known to be the most crucial factor that shapes a consumer’s online purchase decision.

UGC can be in many forms on your eCommerce be it text reviews, images, videos, or ratings. Showcase the positive UGC on your product pages as it can immensely boost the eCommerce conversion rate.

Besides, UGC will help in creating the trustworthiness, reliability, and authenticity of your eCommerce and brand.

  3. Website Navigation Optimization

          This is probably an undertone attribute but it has a great influence over the users’ engagement and conversions on your eCommerce. How bad it will be if the users can’t find the product they are looking for?

Especially when you have the product on your eCommerce and with better promotions than the competitors.

Therefore, make the navigation easy and simple so that consumers do not have to waste a lot of time on navigation and searching then to actually purchase.

With easy navigation, the can filter their search easily to reach their desired checkpoint. Also, it will enhance their customer engagement experience with your eCommerce platform.

4. Simplified Checkout Process

          Cart abandonment and bounce rate are two underlying issues for eCommerce platforms that have hampered their eCommerce conversions and performance for a long time now.

Having a streamlined and simplified checkout process will help the users to make the purchase easily and quickly with minimum efforts and clicks.

Focus on collecting the information once only from users and pre-fill the required details for checkout with easy & diverse payment options providing flexibility to the users.

Once you will have a simplified checkout process, it will automatically lead to increased eCommerce conversion rates and reduced cart abandonment.

5. Free & Faster Shipping

          Consumers have substituted the offline retail with eCommerce as it provides comparatively lesser prices with the ease of access. But when you add the shipping cost to the cart, it kills the interest of a consumer to buy the products.

Also, besides cost, if you display that the delivery will take a longer period than the normal or competitors, it will also influence your eCommerce conversions negatively.

Therefore, it is important that you provide both free and faster shipping of products that will remove the hassle of waiting and paying extra for the consumers.

6. Make use of Social Commerce

          Social commerce is the use of social media content and attributes for selling the products online to consumers using social media as a channel. Social media is a great marketplace and it has a lot of potentials to offer to your eCommerce.

Using social commerce platforms like Taggshop, you can make the social media visual content into a shoppable content allowing the users to purchase & checkout instantly.

Social commerce has a great advantage as you can bring the social media UGC on your eCommerce and make it interactively shoppable for the consumers. This will tremendously shorten the buyer journey allowing opportunities for maximum eCommerce conversion rate.


        These were some of the simple yet effective ways that can immensely increase your eCommerce conversion rate. It is not necessary that you need to follow them all, instead, choose according to your requirements.

The focus should be on delivering a delightful experience to the consumers on your eCommerce platform. As consumers’ experience shapes their shopping behavior towards a brand/eCommerce.

Also, once you make these optimizations, you should still keep knowledge of changing technologies, consumer needs, and continuous testing will help you establish a more refined and superior eCommerce experience.

Author Bio: I’m a digital marketer and a profound technical writer having an analytical view of digital marketing trends. Helping eCommerce businesses to maximize ROI with the latest eCommerce trends and strategies.

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