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EasySpyhuman: 5 Actionable Ways to Monitor Android Spyware

EasySpyhuman: 5 Actionable Ways to Monitor Android Spyware

SpyHuman is a software that allows you to monitor your smartphone activities and also to track your child’s online activity. With the help of this software, you can track SMS, call details, Browsing History, Location and much more. It comes as a simple mobile application and you do not even need to root your phone in order to install it, which makes the installation and setup procedure effortless. In addition to that, if you get stuck somewhere while using this software, you can get 24/7 Technical support.

It will allow you to protect your child from various online threats by tracking their device activities such as Facebook or Instagram. You can also backup your data on the mobile application with real-time data uploading facility on its highly-secured server.

With SpyHuman, you can get prompt SIM Change alert in your control panel when you lose your smartphone.

Spy Human’s smartphone tracker application can not be detected on the targeted device so that the user is not able to uninstall the application. Moreover, it also allows you to gather data regarding all the activities of your target or child without getting spotted. While the application remains invisible on the targeted smartphone, you can use the phone tracker feature that aids you in locating your target’s or children’s real-time GPS Location. Additionally, you can keep an eye on the complete text conversations with this application and get access to all the threads without the victim’s knowledge. Not only the text messages, but you can also keep a track of the call details as well and can even secretly record them if you desire. It also allows you to view or even download all the photos that are stored in the victim’s device.

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5 Ways to Monitor Android Spyware

  • Live recording: With the help of SpyHuman, you can now record the surrounding sounds of your Kids to make sure they are safe and secure. For your convenience, this feature can be executed from a remote location so that you do not get detected by the victim. This can be quite a helpful feature if you install this application in your employee’s device as it will allow you to know what they talk about you and what gossips they have when you are not present in the office. Moreover, the targetted person will not be able to notice this activity as no sign will be shown in his or her device when you send the command to turn on the microphone.
  • File Explorer: Nowadays, it is hard to predict what kind of files your child may be keeping in his/her smartphone and it is vital that you keep a track of it. That’s where SpyHuman comes into play as it allows you to browse through the files stored in their devices and also permits you to download them. You can now stay up-to-date with what files they are storing, downloading or even receiving from their friends. Additionally, if you desire to download the files remotely then you should have a strong internet connection. It can also be very useful if you run a business as it will allow you to find if your employees are keeping any files that can be harmful to your business.
  • Apply Restrictions: With the help of SpyHuman, you can control and restrict certain activities according to your desire. You can remotely block an application, block access to a specific website, block camera access, remotely enable or disable Wifi and even remotely restrict calls on the device of the victim. If you want to use it as a parent, then you can prevent your children from misusing their smartphone and to keep a track on their activities. Moreover, if you are planning to use it in your employee’s device, then you can prevent them from using their smartphone in various ways. This feature is absolutely free of cost and you do not even require to root your device.
  • Application Tracker: If you desire to track applications on the victim’s Android device then this application allows you to perform that as well. With SpyHuman, you can monitor a list of applications that are installed in his/her smartphone. In addition to that, you can also track the amount of time they spend on a specific application. This application records a daily back-up of the information related to the app log and uploads the data in your dashboard instantly. If you want to make sure your employee is not using any unnecessary application that can harm their productivity, then you can surely give this application a try.
  • Device Information: If you desire to get complete information regarding the targetted person’s device, then you can get that using SpyHuman. You can get a plethora of device information such as IMEI Number, SIM card details, Battery level, Operating System version of the Android device, Software version, information related to the internal storage, data regarding device’s accounts and even time and date stamps so that you can get the latest internet exposure on the victim’s smartphone.

SpyHuman is a very useful application if you are planning to monitor the smartphone activity of your child or employee. It comes with loads of innovative features at affordable prices and you can also apply for a free trial prior to purchasing this application.

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