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How to Earn Free Paytm Cash with the Latest Apps?

How to Earn Free Paytm Cash with the Latest Apps?

We live in an era where earning money through various applications is the new trend. Becoming rich and living a luxurious lifestyle is a dream that every human being thinks about. According to a survey, this is the best time to get rich because every month 80 million people added into the millionaires list. There are a lot of applications available which gives you cashback whenever you make a transaction through them. Today you will know some of the best paytm cash earning apps and games.

In India the most famous application for cashbacks and payments is the paytm app. Paytm is the most famous and well known application in India payments through paytm are accepted at almost every shop whether it is a small shop or a showroom. Our team has done a lot of research and prepared a list of some of the best applications where you can earn real paytm money.

Here is a list of some of the best applications to earn paytm money without any investment.

VideoBuddy App

Videobuddy is a simple application which pays you money e for performing certain actions. It pays you for daily login, watching videos, posting status and inviting friends. It has a threshold which you have to reach to convert that money into paytm cash. You have to earn rupees 300 to redeem your earnings as paytm cash. Follow these steps earn paytm cash with videobuddy app.

  • Download the application
  • Login or sign up and get rupees 20
  • Daily rewards for simple tasks
  • Redeem easily after you earn 300rs

            Download Link: VideoBuddyApp

Vclip App

This application is very similar to the videobuddy app and gives you amazing benefits and paytm cash. This app pays you for browsing status, inviting friends etc. This app gives you coins for performing its tasks once you have earned 30000 coins you can redeem it for real paytm cash. It takes 2 – 4 weeks to credit the money in your wallet. Follow the steps given below to earn paytm money from this app.

  • Download the app
  • Sign up and get 50rs
  • Win exciting daily rewards for browsing status
  • After earning 30000 coins redeem it to Paytm money

The Panel Station App(TPS)

The Panel Station is a popular application which helps you earn free paytm cash by filling online surveys.  This is basically and online survey application you just have to to answer all the questions in that survey to earn some easy money. The application will provide surveys based on your preferences. By completing the service you will get points which can be later redeemed for paytm cash for shopping vouchers of popular e-Commerce websites. You have to earn minimum 3000 points for which you will get 300rs paytm cash. Follow these steps to earn paytm cash with this app.

  • Download the app
  • Sign up for new account
  • Start taking online surveys
  • Get points for every completed survey
  • Redeem earn points for paytm cash

Fake apps that fool people:

In search of paytm cash earning apps people often land on the wrong step. There are apps which engage you in a series of actions that give you nothing at last. There are some ways in which you earn paytm cash by downloading new apps. But downloading such apps may give you money but your device will be at a greater risk.

Paytm officially collabs only with highly rated applications that have a good reputation and market on the Google Play Store. Also there are certain games that give you money for playing. Sometimes you can earn paytm money by achieving rewards in the game. Hence it is advisable never to go for untrusted apps. Apps that require permission from setting are never safe to use.

Final Words

These were the 3 best application available out there to earn some real paytm cash. It is very easy and requires very less effort to earn money through these applications.There are many more paytm cash earning apps. To know more about such applications read this article about paytm cash earning apps on Dailyjunkies.

Thank you for reading. If you know more apps related to earning paytm cash then do mention in the comment box. Share this article with your friends so that everyone can benefit from these highly recommended “paytm cash earning apps and games”.

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