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The importance of Dynamics CRM Project Service Solution in managing successful projects

The importance of Dynamics CRM Project Service Solution in managing successful projects

The business trends are constantly changing and are significantly influenced by advanced technologies and consumer choice and preferences. Today, consumers have unlimited options when it comes to buying products or services. Business companies have to look for modern ways to sustain and achieve growth and success. 

The massive innovation in technology has forced companies big or small to move towards digital transformation, which means integrating new technology, software, and applications to improve business workflow. Microsoft is one of the world’s most popular companies when it comes to designing and developing purposeful software that allows users to simplify their work processes. The best thing about Microsoft is that they make very user-friendly software and solutions that not only business companies can use but also by a person in a school or home. Microsoft is known to develop and market many meaningful software solutions for business companies to reduce their time, effort, and resources. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based application that has merged various components of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and allowed a business company to streamline its operations. Dynamics CRM is a multidimensional and flexible solution that not only has its components but can easily be integrated with other software and applications. The Dynamics CRM is now called Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement that allows organizations to manage relationships with their current and potential customers. The Dynamics CRM has five modules, which include Customer Service, Sale, Marketing, Project Service Automation, and Field Service. 

The Project Service Automaton module is an end to end service that allows an organization to plan, organize, and deliver projects on time and according to budget. The Dynamics 365 has given managers and teams to see and manage the projects from initial sale to final invoice. The reasons to use Project Service Automaton are

  • Improve project management

The project work in a proper sequence of events from the signing of the contract to scheduling, booking plan, allocation of resources, project billing, and project analysis. The real time visibility allows the managers and team to know the update of the project and schedule work accordingly. 

  • Help in collaboration within the teams

The teams can easily collaborate and share documents and other relevant data. 

  • Give immediate results

The real time overview helps the team to find the best resource for a particular project and filter the project according to the skills and qualifications of the employees. There is a significant help in visualizing project estimates from cost and revenues. 

  • Affordability and security

The project service module not only provides a single platform to manage the project, but data and documents of the client or customer are always secured in the database and on cloud application. The single platform also reduces the cost of operation. 

  • Improve time management

The project manager can conveniently process, approve, and submit time and expenses from anywhere using a mobile application; this allows in accurate and timely customer billing. 

In the Project Service Automaton, every project is contained in a single platform which is quite user friendly. The project service module easily fits the organization’s Dynamics 365 integration. The user can create new projects from the Opportunities that already exist and for the customer who also have an Account in the Dynamics 365. 

There are some elements to consider while starting the project such as 

  • You can start an Opportunity
  • You get and enter some basic information about the project
  • You can give a quote and get more details about the project
  • Then you convert an Opportunity or quote into a project
  • You can also create a project by clicking the ‘Projects’ button given under Planning and Delivery.
  • In the project option, there are all the details for running and evaluating the project
  • There is an ‘Out of the box’ header that contains information on Estimated Cost, Due Date, Resource Allocation, and Progress of the project

The project details are designed in a workflow that lists the different stages of the project from start to finish. The main categories are project information and estimates while there are sub categories for Opportunities and Quotes. The last subcategory is for the team members, and this option includes the roles, start/end dates, and hours of work for each employee in the team. The final category is Status, which breaks down the stages of the project until completion and also the expenses of the project. The advantages of using Project Service Automaton are

  • Help in planning complete stages of projects
  • Making work schedules and estimates
  • Track the project and estimate the cost and revenue
  • Analyze the requirements of resources needed for the project
  • Manage the quote, work schedules, pricing, and billing of the project
  • Assigning tasks and roles according to skills and qualifications
  • Using the dashboards and reports to monitor key performance indicators. 

Author Bio:

Stephen Andrew works in a company that recently implemented Dynamics CRM Project Service Solution to streamline its projects and make it easy for them to monitor the progress of each project. 

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