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Tell Your WIFI to Assign the Same IP Address Whenever Device Connects to Network

Tell Your WIFI to Assign the Same IP Address Whenever Device Connects to Network

Are you facing the backlash of connecting to the same IP address for the same device all the time? Well, not anymore because we have come up with a solution for you, with help of this article. Why make life tough in this advanced generation. It can be not very pleasant to look up their IP addresses while accessing them remotely continually. With the set of unchanging, static IP addresses make your life easier.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (The thing you need to know)

The network management protocol used to configure an automated process on IP networks, thus allowing them to use network services is the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Standard network parameters also referred to as the DHCP option requested include subnet mask, router, hostname, and domain name. The client does not have any IP address while making the request. The protocol is thus used in the early stage of IP communication. If the still user does not get an IP address, then the client has to use “Static IP address”, which is manually configured in the client network with a specific command. 

Dynamic- Automatically

Host- Any computer that is connected to the network

Configuration – To figure a host means to provide network information (IP address) to a host

Protocol- Set of rules

Reason to use DHCP IP reservation / Static IP

Most devices have DHCP, which assigns IP addresses as default. But there come times when one always wants to have the same IP address. It may be a wireless printer or any such devices.

The three critical values brought by DHCP service:

1. Operation tasks are reduced: Each client does not need to be configured before using the network, thus cancelling the need of a network administrator. 

2. Optimization of the IP address plan: The automatic space is freed up for the new client to use if the address is no longer in use.

3. Management of user mobility: No need for manual configuration to access point change by the user.

Execution of DHCP service

Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) offers the most original and comprehensive implementation of the DHCP service. A complete open source solution for implementing DHCP servers, relay agents, and the clients are offered. The service can be enhanced by failover to bring high availability and balancing traffic. A collaboration of servers- a primary (master) server and a second (backup) server is what the DHCP failover relies upon. A failover channel must be set up between the two servers.

The main Part! How to connect Your Network using DHCP.

While connecting a new device to the network pool will assign the next IP address. If the IP address is not used in a few days, then the address will expire and will be attached to something else. It is always hard to remember particularly which IP address assigned to which device and in case it gets expired looking up again feels like a burden. That is when a static IP address comes handy for users.

The very first work one needs to do is find a Router IP Address. Login the router by the use of the IP address of the router. Then one needs to see the section that shows the current IP addresses that have been allocated by the DHCP server. 

Click on settings>LAN>IP Address>Allocation.

To provide a device with a fixed IP address, one needs to find it in the list and click on the address assignment dropdown. Then a fixed IP address is required to be fixed. Do not pick a fixed IP address already taken by another device. The IP address will be found under IP address distribution under routing. By clicking on its list of DHCP will be found on the router. Edit it to change the default setting into static. 

Check the static Lease type and go further to apply it. These give the option for static update and the Expires in column needed to be set never to make your industrial use smooth also.

It can be times when one finds the same IP address to that of another business or home, it is possible. This is just because one might use different computers or devices, due to the use of the same internet connection by everyone. Well, the router will give each connected device a unique IP address that distinguishes different tools on the local network. When one uses the internet, the IP address is hidden, and only the external IP address is seen by the computers on the internet. It is better not to share the IP address with strangers. 

List to be kept in mind

1. The requirement of DHCP IP reservation (Static IP for the client) to set up port forwarding to the device.

2. One can customize the subnet to use under LAN settings (if one prefers to use a different subnet).


Change DHCP address (most straightforward way to get set go), By this maybe it makes my above words easier:

1. Open Google WIFI

2. Click on setting and then on action tab through network and general

3. Choose the device to assign an IP address

4. Enter the static address

5. One may disconnect the device from the Wi-Fi network and reconnect it before attaching it to the reserved IP.

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