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What are the Convenient Modes of Public Transport for Students in Dubai

What are the Convenient Modes of Public Transport for Students in Dubai

An expanding sector for regional and international trade since the early 20th century, Dubai has convenient modes of public transport that comprises of  buses, water buses, monorail system, tram, and the Dubai metro. The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) owns and operates the entire public transportation network of Dubai. Students should have prior knowledge of the public transport system before staying in student accommodations of their choice. Below are some information that will help students to avail transport to universities for daily commute. 

Free Shuttle Service

Students enrolled in the prestigious universities of Dubai can take the free shuttle service from their luxury student accommodation dubai, for safe and quick commute to universities, local shops, beaches, and more. This is the most viable mode of transport available for university students at large and is not open to the public or tourists. 

Dubai Metro

One of the most extensive public transport facilities is the Dubai metro, a driverless state-of-the-art system which currently runs on two lines with 29 stations on the red line and the green line from regions Etisalat to Creek and the Red Line from Rashidiya to Jebel Ali. The services covers a total length of 74.6 km, where 13 km is covered by underground system of the same service. There are also planned extensions proposed to the system which will connect Dubai Airport to major tourist destinations including the renowned Burj Khalifa and the Mall of the Emirates. This serves beneficial to large number of International students wanting to explore the city for its finest.  Two stations of the Monorail, a part of the Dubai Metro are currently in operation including proposed plan to connect regions such as Dubailand, a famous student accommodation location and  the Palm Jumeirah and other districts the main track. 

Bus Services

Dubai bus service is governed by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) which runs a large  bus system, comprising of 193 routes operating on weekdays, transporting over 30 million people weekly. Most of the buses ply into areas where the Dubia metro is not operative and is an easy means to travel to metro stations which will take students to their living accommodation. There are buses that service to the Jumeirah Beach, offering opportunities to travel in ease.  


Students can also explore and travel to explore Dubai in the simple wooden water taxis known as ‘Abras’ to cruise along the 10-meter Creek to transport and service people to go the other way across. This is the most affordable way to explore the city en-route, taking 5-10 minutes to get to the other side of the Creek. 

Water Taxis 

Dubai also operates additional Water Taxis offering services to not just the Creek region but also navigate to waters of the entire Arabian Gulf. The taxis travel at the speed of upto 25 knots equipped with modern facilities to ensure commuter’s comfort and safety. 

public transport

With so much to do, Dubai is a dream city for students with easy available modes of public transport and free shuttle services to help save on travel and commute. University Living, a global provider of luxury student accommodation Dubai, helps students book verified accommodation, well-equipped to meet the specific needs of students.

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