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How to fix DNS probe finished nxdomain error

How to fix DNS probe finished nxdomain error

Without a doubt, on a daily and frequent basis dns probe finished nxdomain is a common problem that all web developers face, we access our browsers in order to access the Internet and explore the whole world of possibilities that it offers us both for our study, work or fun. The problem for many users lies when during the process of accessing a website we find several errors, one of the most frequent being the following:


This problem is related to some failure in the DNS (Domain Name System) whose purpose is to convert IP addresses into domain names and vice versa.


These errors in the DNS resolution mean that we cannot effectively access the different websites throwing this type of error or similar ones. The DNS configuration for this is important and is that if the DNS settings that we have established fail, they will have to be modified so that it is solved. There are public DNS servers such as Google that often help us repair these bugs.

DNS settings

The DNS includes elements whose name is as follows_

Name Server This point the name of your domain to the DNS service provider.

Registry. Point your domain name to a server by using the IP address.

Zone File Here you save all the DNS settings of the domain.

MX record. Point your domain name to the mail server.

CNAME Point your subdomains to another server using a specific name.

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Although we are sure that our internet connection is correct, there are often factors that influence the resolution of names is not executed in the ideal way and thus we do not have access to the respective sites. Today  we  will analyze various options to solve this problem, for this we will use Windows 10 and a Google Chrome browser.

 1. Clear the browser cache to fix DNS error

We know that each website we access these leave browsing records which may subsequently affect your access.

Clear the browser cache to fix DNS error

In Chrome, to perform this process we go to the three-point menu icon at the top left (Customize and control Google Chrome), we go to the “More tools” line and there we select the “Clear browsing data” option:


For this process, we can use the different key combination depending on the system

For Windows systems:

 Ctrl + Shift + Delete

For macOS systems

Shift + Windows + Delete

The following window will be displayed where we will select the option “The origin of the times” in the “Delete stored items from” field. This in order to clear all the cache that is active at all.

Once this option is selected, click on the Clear navigation data button to start the respective process. If we wish, we can activate the Files and images stored in cache boxes to increase the level of cache clearing.

2. Refresh IP address and empty cache to fix DNS error

This is another cause that prevents a proper Internet connection since network cards are the bridge between our computer and the Internet.

To correct possible errors with the network card we will access the command prompt as administrators (right-click / Run as administrator) and there execute the following commands in their order. Once we complete the process we proceed to restart the equipment to apply the changes.

Ipconfig / flushdns (clear the DNS cache)

netsh winsock reset (release the IP address)


3. Restart the PC and network device to fix DNS error

In many cases, the restart of both the computer equipment and the network device, modem or router, helps to refresh the internal processes and allow the connection to be correct again.

For this, we will simply turn off both the PC and the router or modem for a period between 3 to 5 minutes and then access to check the connectivity and access to the websites. It seems silly, but sometimes with this simple and classic restart steps on both PC and Internet modem. Return to the correct connection as before.

Dns_probe_finished_nxdomain is a common issue that can be resolved easily. No need to panic just follow the above instructions and it will be solved easily

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