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The importance of wheelchairs and things to consider in disabled access ramp construction

The importance of wheelchairs and things to consider in disabled access ramp construction

There are many blessings a human has, and the two legs are one of them. A person can easily walk and do the daily chores with ease and without the help and support of another person. The movement of the legs is needed when a person has to walk, run, exercise or play sports. The legs of a person usually do not get affected, but there are times when an illness or injury can render a person incapable of walking on its own. Wheelchairs are one of the most common and effective mobility equipment which has been in use for many decades and still has its utility.

Wheelchairs are more commonly used by people who have a physical disability, older adults with medical problems, and sometimes by a person who has got leg injury and needs to use a wheelchair for temporary purpose until his leg is healed. The people who solely rely on wheelchairs for mobility are those having spinal cord injuries, paraplegia, or muscular dystrophy. The traditional wheelchairs were quite big and usually required another individual to assist the person in the wheelchair. But a modern wheelchair is designed with innovations and can be used by a person alone without any assistance. The wheelchair can easily move on a plain surface, but it becomes quite a difficulty for a person on a wheelchair to climb over an inclined surface. The elderly of physically disabled people in homes have a lot of inconvenience in entering and going out from home and also getting in and out of cars.

The wheelchair ramp also called the access ramp to give elderly and physically disabled opportunities to easily move in and out of homes without any assistance, inconvenience, and risk of injury. The access ramp is a cost-effective and efficient solution that enhances movement for a person in a wheelchair. A suitable ramp installation in a house can allow wheelchair users to easily access steps, landings, doorways, and sliding glass doors. An accessibility equipment dealer and a company offering mobility solutions usually manage the installation of an access ramp in houses. The company offers variety of different ramps and asks you to choose the best quality according to the design and construction of the house. The advantages of installing a wheelchair ramp in the house are

Provides easy mobility

The ramps are best for physically disable and older adults in the house to conveniently enter and leave the house. The ramps reduce the risk of injuries and unfortunate incidents for people using the wheelchair. The ramps are necessary particularly for older adults who live alone in a house

Easy and simple installation

There are three main types of ramps, namely free-standing, portable, and threshold. The portable ramps are especially innovative as the parts of the ramps are modular in design and can easily be separated and installed. The portable ramps can even be moved and installed inside the house if needed.

Improves the resale value of the house

A high-quality ramp can surely increase the worth of the house. The potential homebuyers would like it if the ramp can help any member of their family who uses a wheelchair, walker, or a cane.

Convenient to everyone in the house

The access ramp helps not only the people using a wheelchair but also the family and caregivers in quickly moving into the house. The ramps come in handy when a family has to move their grocery shopping or equipment into the house.

Enhance looks of the house

People do wonderful new additions to improve the looks of the house and access ramps, although a necessity can enhance looks of the house with many beautiful designs and materials. The ramps are mostly made from aluminum, rubber material, and steel.

The company offering mobility solutions offer affordable, custom made, and durable access ramps for residential purposes. The company offers superior quality wheelchair ramps from certified manufacturers. The ramps are installed by skilled and trained technicians who will guide you in every step, whether it is choosing the type of ramp to the final installation.

The access ramps are sloped pathways that provide access over the ground and a necessary path for disabled and older adults to access the house. A home accessibility project requires many considerations and planning how the ramp can help a person in a wheelchair, comply with the house design requirements, and is safe to be used in all types of weather. There are few questions that you need to address such as

  • Who will use the ramp
  • What kind of assistance or mobility equipment would be used (wheelchair, cane, or crutches)
  • What are the local housing and building codes to be complied with

There are also many different issues which must be considered and managed during construction of the access ramp such as

  • The correct length, steepness, and width of the ramp
  • The total distance of the ramp from the landings
  • The kind of material to be used for the construction of ramp
  • The position and placement of the hand and safety rails
  • Whether the door handle would be easily be reached by a person on the wheelchair
  • The number of trees, vegetation, and other objects that can hinder the movement
  • The total cost of the entire access ramp construction

One of the most crucial aspects of ramp construction is the angle of steepness and the length of the entire ramp. The ramp is close to the ground from the start and gradually become elevated until it reaches the entry door or sliding door of the house. For example, if your porch is 25 inches off the ground then you would need a 25-foot ramp that can safely allow wheelchair access.

The maximum rise of the ramp should not be more than 30 inches; when the ramp is near to 30 inches then a flat platform should be built to make the ramp continue. The landings should be same width as that of the ramp. The total width of the ramp space should be 42 inches, which can allow enough space for the wheelchair and the safety rails.

Author Bio:

Richard Owens is an expert in managing accessibility projects. He has helped build several ramps for wheelchair users and providing wide range of options. He knows the process of disabled access ramp construction and can add a suitable ramp in your house if there is a wheelchair user in your family.

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