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Digital Trends 2019: The 15 Point Checklist for Your SEO Success

Digital Trends 2019: The 15 Point Checklist for Your SEO Success

Is your website not giving the actual result you desire or dreamed of? You are not getting the ranking or the website ranking is gradually slowing down?

Then, you probably need to have a SEO audit or need to change some strategies that are not working perfectly. Maybe the Google crawlers want something more, something different such as powerful content and keywords that has adjust in a natural way.

To improve your SEO strategies you need to be perfect in three things which it revolves around.

  1. SERP also called technical SEO (Search Engine Results Page)
  2. On-Page SEO
  3. Off-Page SEO

Being an SEO team leader what exactly are the things you need to keep in mind? We will get you the answer for that in the further discussion.

SEO checklist for Managers to keep control of their strategies

As you all know the SEO categories are comprised of different strategies and tracking them all is kind off difficult. So, our aim is to make things work according to the budget and not compromising on areas that are lacking. The assignment help UK has discuss SEO checklist that can able to help organised, optimised and sane altogether.

Let’s get started……

Let’s start with some Basics

1. Create a sitemap to get Google crawler drag your content

The SEO experts need to make a sitemap work for their site to get detected easily by Google crawlers. They are the helpful technique for search engines bots to track their important content in from the site so that it can index them to the Google page.

2. Track the robot.txt file that give instructions to SEOs

 The help search engines to not track down unnecessary files or directories. It mostly give instructions or you must say guidance to where to go and where to not. So, make sure to add the Robert.txt file to avoid such situation. Or if you do not have one then try downloading it from robot.txt file generator are you’re done with it.

3. Try downloading Google analytics

Why we need to download it? Well, to get extra information on our niche, how the people searching with your keywords or how these visitors are tracking your site. The times on page and bonce rate are sections you need to focus on for having an idea of users experience and engaging process. 

4. Goggle search console for tracking performance

It is the must to download website to be up to date with each performance criteria and identify your own keywords. It is the tool you need to have for safety measures or checking the ranking of keywords etc.

Intensive Keywords Research

5. Choose the right keyword that help you rank well

You need to list down one primary keyword for your website to rank well. This will help SEO to analysis titles from the keywords which we are highlighting. For instance the long tail keyword can help you with becoming the primary one of all. The keyword research tool such as AHREF will get you the answer by search volume, keyword difficulty score and top ten ranking page for keywords.

6. Assess search intent to watch the searcher’s queries

 Assess intent help you to create a watch list of queries of users, where Google shows you each and every result possible.  The above primary keyword you choose to rank, just type it on search engine and related results will be displayed quickly. The results highlighted by Google, note each website and see why it is being ranked what format they used to display their content. So, observe their working and adopt those for further rankings.

7. Ahrefs’ search suggestions and question report  

The best thing to search for your keyword that is ‘primary one’ being searched and what type of genre it is used. You can check through related searches at the bottom of the page too. Or the perfect idea is to use Ahrefs list for questions almost 28000 of them within the given time. The Ahref is the great tool to get instant results and keep the track list up to date on and off without any time consuming strategies that mostly fails.

On-Page SEO ranking

8. Shorter Urls are better than longer ones

It has been noticed by a research that shorter Urls works better for ranking purpose than longer ones. The tip to make it short but also the attractive one makes it from your money keyword. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and the website. As people search for those keywords that are used more times and it has become a money making keyword.

9. Meta titles and Meta description are they useful enough  

Well, many SEO advices the Meta title and Meta descriptions help you rank your websites well. Is it true or not?

The study shows it is half correct and half not, means the matching keywords in titles and descriptions do not vary much for ranking high. Then what is the plan? The answer to it is you may use the keywords according to the strategy you are working on. It sure is true the titles and descriptions entitled a click and click equals to more traffic.

10. Adding internal and external resources  

Okay, there are some of the websites that have a higher authority which in fact does gives a boost to other sites. How? When you link those external resources to your sites it gives a chances of ranking more than who do not do it. The trustworthy sites bring traffic due to the fact that it shows how well-referenced a content is and the authenticity of writing become valid. The internal linking is also very important for ranking as we convert the traffic of our website to our new post.

 Pro tip: try to add the anchor text in your internal linking.

Content creation (powerful element in SEO)

According to server of assignment writing UK, 50% of the population prefer content to be easier and able to understand better. And they read at the level of 8th grade. So difficult vocabulary and alienated sentences makes things complicated. 

11. Make introduction attractive enough

As every content post in the website is for the SEO purpose and it need to be well written so that it won’t affect the ranking. So, first thing first, making introduction meaningful and engaging.

That is our main point, introduction need to be connecting with the audience, build trust and credibility and give authentic solution to the user’s problems.

12. Use keyword naturally in first few sentences

When you have constructed the introduction according to the essential elements discussed, the next step is adding keywords.

Keywords stuffing is another big error SEO experts need to deal with. So, where and when to add the keywords and on how much spacing.

The adjustments of keywords should be done in first 150 words of the page. Use this keyword once and make a habit to do that. As Google emphasises beginning of the page more.

13. Readability scores to be measures carefully

When a reader look for the blog post and land to your related page, they found something that is not eye catching and filled with words only, obviously they will leave.

Try using technique of readability and make things shorter and smarter. The paragraph you construct should be not more than 15 to 20 words. And heading should not exceed to 50 to 60 characters. If you want to check readability score than go for Hemingway Editor for better result.

14. Adjust your keywords in H1, H2, H3 tags  

The H1, H2 and H3 what is all that? Do you have an idea?

The H1 means heading 1 which is said to be the main heading, secondly, Heading 2 that breaks down the paragraph instantly and thirdly, Heading 3 which is the sub to sub heading that makes smaller points for understanding.

Remember to add keywords into your H1 or H2 tags that won’t budge the SEO ranking for Google.

15. Break down your paragraph with Images

Visualisation is the thing that make your eyes brighter and create interest while reading a blog post. Don’t just put on the images for the sake of attraction, try finding pictures that are based on Graphs, charts and screenshots to create engagement possible.

The pro tip is that optimized your image for the purpose of ranking. Do to so, first thing is use filename and alt tags to help understand the image better.

Wrapping point

This check list may or may not help you as each strategy is different and adapted with situation. So, list still have to be a lot more than these elements. This was just a basic to highlight the points to improve one side of your SEO.

Try searching for more of such list and implement step by step to improve results.

The law assignments help has improved their SEO strategies with using content and keywords according to the described above. And has seen significant results with a month or so.

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