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Which Digital Parenting Style is Ideal

Which Digital Parenting Style is Ideal

Are your kids’ good digital citizens? Do you employ parental control software to discipline kids? Are your kids in safe hands? Are you an ideal parent in the digital era? Let’s find out what kind of parent are you!

Why Parenting Style Matters in the Digital era?

The definition and method of parenting have changed since the evolution of the internet and digital space. Earlier, disciplining kids’ was a breeze. Presently, your kids exist in two parallel worlds and parents need to keep an eye on both sides.

Digital Citizenship is a concept which cannot be taught in classrooms. Parents need to take proactive measures to raise good online citizens. Even though your kids are tech-savvy and better in handling technology, but they are far away from the consequences of digital crimes.

Kids ignorant behavior towards the dangers of the digital world cannot be a reason for parents’ negligence. If parents introduce kids to internet and gadgets, then they should also be responsible and accountable for kids’ digital habits.

Digital Parenting

What are the Types of Digital Parenting Styles?

Traditionally, parenting was challenging but not as difficult as today. No kid is same, and every kid has their drawbacks along with their positive side. Keeping in mind your kid’s nature and the digital activities, what type of parenting do you follow or Why do Parents need a parental control app???

Here is a broad division of different parenting categories witnessed today: 

1.    Liberalized Parenting

Also called permissive parenting, are parents who shower love & care and less parenting. These parents often talk about disciplining but do not enforce rules on kids.  Besides having no real rules, parents give unnecessary leeway to kids especially in matters of gadgets and digital footprint. This leads kids to do whatever they want on online platforms.

Often such kids get their hands dirty in cyberbullying. Liberalized parenting has no boundaries and kids barely follow a fixed routine. One significant fault of this parenting style is that parents verbally warn kids but never have real expectations which are taken for granted by kids.

2.    Dictatorial Parenting

For some parents -it is my way or the high way. These parents enforce rules without considering child’s needs and wants.

Such parents have very little concern about kids’ opinion. and there is no room for negotiation or fun!

You may contemplate that this parenting works best in the digital world, but guess what this style of parenting pushes your kid to gadgets and online entertainment even more.

Kids need discussions and explanation to get rid of their gadgets. Unless the parent gives a strong argument to the kid, there is no scope of understanding. The kid will only here a NO and carry on with their tasks.

Often dictatorial parenting can cause a dangerous habit in kids. Because of the constant NO kids hear, they start hiding their activities. Most kids remain online on social networking sites and clearly enjoy being a part of the network which listens to their voice.

3.    Unconcerned Parenting

There is another dangerous class of parents who are not at all concerned about kids’ whereabouts or their activities. Parents who are uninvolved in kids’ life are rare but are very risky for kids’ upbringing.

This type of parents never questions kids on their day to day activities, homework, schoolwork, or hobbies. It may sound unbelievable to your ear, but these parents are least interested in kids’ private online activities. Unconcerned parents rarely ask kids about their social networking activities.

Teens are the ones who take advantage of such parents. Too much independence for teens makes them take steps which are harmful to their physical and mental well-being. If parents never stop kids from watching the screen or accessing the internet, kids will not let go of gadgets willingly. 

4.    Free-Range Parenting

Concept of free-range parenting is a breath of fresh air in the parenting world. The idea is incredibly unique and pragmatic at many levels. Free-range parenting is the right balance today’s kids need.

Letting your kid cross the street on their own, or fly to their cousins’ place without any guardian are great examples of free-range parenting. Free-range style does not suffocate your kid but at the same time rightfully allows parents to intervene whenever needed.

Free-range parenting primarily encourages independence of kids with minimum interference. However, this parenting style considers kids age and maturity, and most importantly the situation.

Free range parenting is a great tool to keep track of kid’s digital activities but from a distance. Parent control software plays a crucial role in supporting free-range parenting.

How Does Digital Parental Control Work to Secure Kids and Help in Parenting?

Parental control software is a practical solution for bringing up good digital citizens. Offer kids with personal phones and gadgets; however, install parental control mobile app in their phones.

This will ensure your kids are not targeted by cyberbullies and also do not bully others. These apps make modern parenting less challenging by offering ways to block inappropriate content, track whereabouts, limit screen time, and restrict suspicious callers.

Raise good citizens by being ideal parents. Choose the best parental control apps to secure kids from digital hazards.

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