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Top Digital Marketing Tactics to Adopt for 2020

Top Digital Marketing Tactics to Adopt for 2020

It is no secret that Digital Marketing is the future. In the coming years, Digital Marketing is going to rather flourish then sinking in crisis. To successfully market your brand, Digital marketers need to be constantly developing strategies and skills to be in the top of trends. The only question is how to keep learning? And the answer is through a Digital Marketing Course in Delhi so that you don’t lag behind and be updated with the latest Digital Marketing tactics to adopt in 2020

As time passes by, new trends emerge in the market space which attracts the consumer more than anything. To be a part of this trend, companies struggle more and more to come up with exceptional strategies like content marketing, social media, SEO and PPC. In this article, we are going to provide you with 5 most important Digital Marketing Tactics that you cannot afford to ignore in 2020. Read thoroughly to find out. 

Trend #1: Voice Search

Voice Search is impossible to ignore in 2020. Roughly 50% of the searches are voice search. Therefore, it is an undeniable fact that Voice Search is going to be the new normal.

So, how to capitalise this trend? By making sure your website is optimised for voice search. And how to do that? By using long-tail keywords. Moreover, using a keyword which sounds more like a question would benefit more for example, including “what are the Digital Marketing Institute near me?” instead of “best Digital Marketing Institute”. By investing in this measure for SEO strategy, your company’s significant growth is for sure. Finding more relevant long-tail keywords would direct more traffic with voice search. 

Trend #2: Interactive Content

Consumers tend to make more purchase when they find content interactive and engaging. The original type of content makes the cut through the noise of the common content already present out there. Consumers enjoy the unique browsing experience that gives them a reason to stay longer on your website and explore other services and products. Moreover, interactive contents are more shareable thus increasing your reach. Examples of interactive content are:

  • 360-degree video
  • Shoppable posts
  • Ar and VR
  • Quizzes and polls, etc. 

Trend #3: Social Messaging Apps

Social messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat have shifted from personal interaction to business interactions. As brands are putting efforts in engaging their customers in a more technological way, these messaging apps are providing a cutting edge to Digital marketers. It helps form a direct line of business to customer communication, for both current and potential customers, which is undoubtedly more convenient. 

Businesses can benefit from social messaging apps in various ways, including building and establishing relationships with target audiences, increasing sales, providing stellar customer support, educating their consumers about their brand, products and their services. 

Trend #4: Invest in AR/VR

This trend is not new, but in the coming years, this is going to be a huge revolution in terms of reaching customers digitally. AR and VR have already pressed the digital marketers to develop unique strategies to provide potential as well as current consumers with better tech-savvy services. 

This will bring enhance the process of information or data collection by organizations and customers, as well. 

Trend #5: Value Customer Experience

What could be a more useful way than to use AI? The evolution of Artificial Intelligence has come to your rescue by providing you with true insights into customer behavior. It is imperative for businesses to combine their marketing insights with AI. Artificial Intelligence is making marketers realize the value of customer experience into the business. Use it to gain more out of your customer experience. 

To conclude, stay ahead by joining a dynamic Digital Marketing institute in Delhi to secure your place in the digital arena with new emerging technology. 

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