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How Selenium Can Be Used for Digital Marketing?

How Selenium Can Be Used for Digital Marketing?

As Selenium is known for automation testing and to run test cases, but many haven’t explored Selenium to the fullest. This blog will be focusing on Selenium in a different way that is Selenium can be used for Digital Marketing. Although Selenium it is found that Selenium can be used to check Digital Marketing tasks it cannot be used to accomplish entire digital marketing. It can be used to do basic tasks like checking descriptions, Metadata, keywords and also inner links. All these actions can be performed using Selenium web driver by writing scripts along with Java, Python, and other languages.

Checking Links Using Selenium

Checking links in a webpage or a website is pretty easy and can be done faster using Selenium, rather going for manual testing automation using Selenium will be much efficient to test all the links in a webpage. Undergo Selenium training in Chennai to explore Selenium in different ways, well there is a way to get all the links by finding them based on their tag names. Usually, tag names for hyperlinks start with <a>, and Selenium can find all the <a> tags in a page within seconds and the best part is those links’ landing page can also be checking using Selenium.

Checking Keywords Using Selenium

Checking keywords for Search Engine Optimization is part of the job, where an SEO analyst or a Digital Marketer needs to check a website ranking in Google search engine or any other search engine according to their specifications. Selenium allows to launch the browser, load the URL, and type in the input boxes, and do rest of the work with Selenium alone. This will also produce the result in the programming console which also can be used as a report and one of the best things about using Selenium is much faster. Undergo Selenium training in Chennai to reach the deeps of Selenium automation.

Checking Descriptions using Selenium

Again, it is good to remind that Selenium interacts with the web elements based on the tag names and the web elements’ locators. Metadata, keywords, descriptions, all these can be automated based on their tag names. Descriptions are given in the tag name called <meta> and it can be distinguished in the attribute called name, which is given right after the tag name. This can be achieved by finding the tag name <meta> and also by finding the attribute name.

Checking Meta Data Using Selenium

Meta Data can be tested by Selenium automation, this can be achieved by locating the attribute name in the <meta> tag. Metadata is used to describe what the website is related to, having metadata in a website will be an added advantage for Search Engine Optimization. Whenever a website is developed as either a static or a dynamic site, Metadata will be added to it, just to make SEO stronger. All these tasks can be achieved using the Selenium web driver tool, which is developed based on Java.

Selenium Web Driver comes in handy for many automation testing works, and Digital Marketing is one such field where it can be applied although it cannot be achieved to the fullest using Selenium helps to reach all these tasks and also can be used for reporting and other kinds of basic tasks that need to be performed every day. 

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